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1 BTC=64.22K USD
10 BTC=642.23K USD
100 BTC=6.42M USD
1000 BTC=64.22M USD

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What is SipACoin?

Sipacoin is a simple application which lets you set up price alerts for your favorite cryptocurrency. You can set up daily price alerts as well as price alerts based on specific price.

Which all Cryptcurrencies are supported by Sipacoin ?

Currently we support Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin and we are constantly working hard to add more cryptocurrencies . So keep looking for updates

Do you provide Price alerts in Dollars or any other currency?

Currently at Sipacoin price alerts are available in USD, Euro, GBP (Pound Sterling) and INR ( Indian Ruppes). We will be shortly supporting Yen, Rouble and multiple other currencies.

How do you calculate prices for different cryptocurrencies?

Based on different fiat currencies we use different APIs to get us the right price. Currently for USD and Euro we are using coinbase while for INR we are using Unocoin and ethexindia.

Do you have an app which I can download ?

We will be launching an Android app soon where you can set up simple alerts at the tap of a button

Does sipacoin provide price prediction for Bitcoins and other currencies ?

No Sipacoin doesnot provide any price prediction we just simply let you set up price alerts on Bitcoin, ethereum and other top cryptocurrencies.

What all criteria can I set up price alerts ?

You can set up price alerts when a price goes above certain point. So let us say send me an alert when bitcoin price goes above $6000 or set up a price alert when bitcoin price goes below a certain price like, Send me an alert when price goes below $5000. You can also set up plain vanilla daily price alerts.

Do you charge anything for the bitcon price alerts ?

No currently the price alerts are all free to set up. You can also get basic alerts by installing our APP.

Do I need to signup to get price alerts ?

If you install our app you donot need to signup, if you are getting price alerts in email you can sign up using google account to get alerts in your email.