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❝ The world's first private, distributed, and reliable platform for communications, transactions, and publishing. ❞
Market Cap

$ 88.94M

Current Supply

$ 8.565M

Max Supply

$ 21M

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Zen Cash is a fork of Zen Classic Project and was launched as an extension to Zen classic with some new features.  The token for the new forked system is Zen cash. Zen cash provides a private, decentralized platform for communications through a protocol called Zentalk. Apart from Private communication Zen cash protocol also provides for private secure and anonymous transactions as well as publishing.  

Zencash is governed DAO governance structure as outlined in their whitepaper. The central philosophy of Zencash as outlined in its White paper is decentralization of power maximizes inclusion and creativity. And in the spirit of decentralization white paper also provisions for competing DAOs to emerge.

ZenCash Specifications

Zen Cash is the token for the platform maximum supply of Zen cash is pegged at 21 million. Zen cash project launched with following key changes as part of its fork from Zen classic project

  1. Equihash Hashing algorithm and Proof of Work mining algorithm
  2. Block Rewards :12.5 Zen Cash
  3. Block generation : 2.5 mins
  4. Block size: 2 MB
  5. POW Reward Division : 88 % Miners, 5% to DAOs, 3.5% to Secure Node Operators, 3.5 % to Core team
  6. Total Coin Supply : 21 million
  7. Rewards halves every 4 years.

ZenCash Wallet

Zen cash has launched a GUI wallet called SWING available for linux, windows and Mac

How to Buy Zen cash tokens

Like for most of the Alt currencies Zen Cash tokens can be traded as BTC pair. So here is a simple process to buy Zencash.

  1. Firstly as always buy Bitcoins. If you  already have bitcoins then directly go to step 2
  2. Open an account on of the exchanges which support Zen cash. Top exchanges which support Zen cash. See next section to know which exchanges are supported by Zen Cash.
  3. Transfer bitcoins to your account in any of the supported exchanges
  4. Convert Bitcoin(BTC) to Zencash
  5. Transfer your coins to Swing Wallet  

Exchanges for Maidsafecoins

  1. Bittrex
  2. Cryptopia
  3. Evercoin (anonymous)
  4. Coss.io
  5. TradeSatoshi
  6. CryptoDAO

Key Resources on ZenCash