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❝ Waves platform intends to make blockchain mainstream by allowing users to issue , store and manage digital assets in a secured manner. ❞
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Waves platform are set of tools which enables users to quickly get started with blockchain. With Waves platform users and organization can issue issue, store, trade and manage their own digital assets. Waves platform currently has 3 big pillars with utility for different stakeholders in the ecosysten.

1. Low latency , low fee network  which developers can use to build applications.

2. Store digital assets in Waves wallet. As as trader or a developer you can store your digital assets in Waves wallet

3.  Decentralized Exchange  which allows you to trade your digital assets 

4. Issue your own tokens on blockchain. Multiple businesses have issued tokens on Waves network, Like Whooper coin a digital coin issued by burger king.


Blockchains are hard and individuals and organizations need easy to use platforms to run their own blockchains, issue and manage digital assets 


Blockchain for the people where you can do the following

1. As an organization issue tokens create and manage your own digital assets

2. As a developer get access to low latency low fee network

3. Traders can trade and store digital assets on the decentralized exchange.

Key Features

1. A super fast platform which can handle thousands of transactions per second

2. Waves wallet which allows you to securely store and tranfer Crypto assets and also recieve interest on your Waves balance

3. Decentralized exchanges  with a fixed low fees which you can trade in crypto assets your funds reside in your wallets 

4.Use blockchain for crowdfunding . Issue and manage your own digital tokens