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❝ WandX is a token marketplace /exchange for trading baskets of Cryptocurrencies. ❞
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What is WandX

WandX is a peer to peer marketplace for trading in cryptocurrencies with a simple twist that you can create basket of cryptocurrencies and sell and buy the whole basket 

Problem WandX is Solving 

1. Diversifying Crypto investments ?

2. Taking positions in multiple Cryptocurrencies with limited money 

3. Investing in multiple cryptocurrencies with a single order 

What is WandX Solution

 WandX helps you invest in basket of ERC2o tokens ( to start with) and they plan to bring more cryptocurrencies under their umbrella. So essentially multiple baskets ( as per theme or risk profile ) are created and you can invest in Crypto basket of your choice. WandX will launch its Basket API where you can place an order in basket of cryptocurrencies.

WandX will allow users to create baskets of cryptocurrencies which other users can invest in buyer can create a basket and that can be traded on the market. 

To start with currency for the platform will be ether and then it will move to Wand . So if you sell a basket you will be paid in Wand

WandX Team

Key Members of WandX Team

1. Abhinav Ramesh : CEO

2. Sridhar Kolapalli : Platform architecture

3. Dinesh Rekula: Distributed contracts and smart contract developer

4. Amit Maurya : Full Stack Developer

Key Features of WandX platform 

1.   Create ERC20 Token Products

2. Trade ERC20 token products

3.  Create Markets for tokenized assets 

WandX token Details 

1. It is an ERC 20 Token 

2. Total Supply for WandX tokens :  75,000,000  ( 75 million)

3.  Available for Public Sale :  51,500,000 ( 51.5 Million)

4. Tokens with team :  20,000,000  (20 million)

5. Token for Pre-sale :  3500000 (3.5 million)

WandX Token Utility

WandX token will be the currency of the WandX app. So if you sell a basket of Cryptocurrency you will get paid in WandX.