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❝ WaBi token which powers blockchain based loyalty program for Walimai safe channel for ensuring authenticity and safety of consumer products. ❞
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Have you ever bought your favorite brand and then realized it is a fake. Well if you have you are not alone. Globally about 500 billion plus of fake goods are sold annually. Walimai the technology company behind Wabi coin is trying to solve the problem of fake detection for the millions of consumers across the world

What is Walami( Wabi)  solution to prevent fakes 

Walami solution revolves around linking digital and physical assets through RFID labels.  Walamai has developed something called anti cloning protection which uses dynamic data.

So Walamai gives you a simple app and you can scan Walamai labeled products and quickly know if it is a fake and also get details of where it was manufactured and other meta data related to product.

All products in Walamai network are called as Safe channel products 

How does it works 

1. At the Point of origin within a supply chain Walamai label is applied on the consumer product

2. This label syncs up the product on the Cloud which includes encrypted data, dynamic code and geogrophical data

3. Products with Walamai labels are available across stores

4. While buying consumers scan the Walamai label with Walamai app which reads all the information on the label and verifies it against cloud information.

5. Based on the check verification result is displayed to the consumer

Wabi Token and its Utility

1. Wabi token was launched as an ICO on 28th November.

2. Wabi token functions as loyalty points within the Walamai system

3. Wabi tokens can be used to purchase products.

4. You can mine wabi tokens if you scan for products 

How to Buy Wabi tokens 

1. Wabi tokens are listed on Binance.

2. So to start with you need to set up an account on Binance

3.  While on Binance you would need Bitcoin or ether to convert it to Wabi token

4.  Once you have Bitcoins or ether you can readily convert it into Wabi.