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❝ Viberate is a blockchain based marketplace of musicians and artists. As a musician, you can find prospective event organizer or booking agencies on viberate. ❞
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Viberate is a market place for performing artists, venues and events. Viberate wants to be the bridge between performing artists, venues and events and connects artists with venues and events. Viberate. On supply side Viberate is like and IMDB or a directory for artists where musician or artist profiles are ranked or sorted based on online popularity which is derived from multiple data points which Viberate algorithm collects about the artists. On demand side Viberate has a directory of venues or events who would be interested in having these artists perform and Viberate as a marketplace intermediary helps make the connection.

Viberate marketplace runs on blockchain and uses Ethereum ERC20 token as a currency for the platform. Viberate wants to catapult the token so that it can be used off Viberate platform and hence are planning to build a Decentralized Ticket exchange service (DTX). These Decentralized ticket exchange will use viberate tokens as the payment mechanism or ticketing mechanism for all live performing events. DTX exchange will allow participants to buy and sell tickets on ethereum blockchain network. A DTX exchange if Viberate is able to pull off can be a game changer in this market they can possibly disrupt big ticketing players like stub hub and ticket master

How is Viberate planning to make money 

1. Basic Marketplace business model which takes commission on bookings done on the platform

2. Ticketing Platform based on block chain based ticketing exchange which can be bought with Vibs 

3. Advertising on the platform 

Out of all the key ways Viberate wants to make money Ticketing platform holds the largest potential is also the hardest to crack as per current roadmap this is slotted sometimes in 2019. 

Viberate Tokens ( Vibe Tokens)

Viberate tokens can be used for to buy tickets, book a musician for your event, or create your musician profile or add your profile to the Viberate platform, get richer analytics on your profile, advertise on Viberate platform.

How to buy Viberate (Vib) tokens

As of now Viberate token (Vib) are now available on HitBTC,Binance,Upbit, Livecoin and Bittrex. As usual for Altcoin you would need to buy bitcoins and then exchange them with Viberate tokens

So here is a step by step guide to buy Viberate(Vib) tokens

1. First step will be to buy bitcoin if you already have a bitcoin then it’s one step less.

2. Open an account on of the exchanges which support Viberate coins. Transfer bitcoins to your account ( One you created on one of the exchanges above)

3. Convert Bitcoin(BTC) to Viberate(Vib)

4. Transfer your coins to a safer off exchange wallet a desktop wallet or a hardware wallet