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❝ UTrust is a payment processor which lets merchants accept payments in various cryptocurrencies. Utrust is Paypal for cryptocurrencies ❞
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Utrust wants to be the Paypal for Cryptocurrency.The Cryptocurrency revolution that is unfolding in front of us started with simple hypothesis of creating a digital and decentralized alternative to Fiat currency. Now that we have bunch of digital/cryptocurrencies getting traction in the market. We needs intermediaries like Visa/Mastercard/Paypal to act like payment processors so that more and more merchants can start accepting cryptocurrencies.

Utrust is a modern Crypto payment processor which will let merchants accept bunch of cryptocurrencies for a small fee which is flat 1 %

Problem Utrust is Solving 

Mainstream adoption of Cryptocurrencies inspite of all the advantages like low fee, high security, low barrier of entry has been quite poor. The main reasons for the same are as follow

1. Consumers/Buyers are used to protection against fraud, returns etc which they do not get with cryptocurrencies

2. Sellers get spooked by high volatility of the cryptocurrencies and hence are not comfortable using it as a payment solution

UTrust Solution

Utrust is building a paypal like payment solution to provide seamless cryptocurrency payments. Utrust solution will provide 

1.  Allow buying and selling in multiple cryptocurrencies not just bitcoin.

2. Consumer protection and dispute resolution for merchants and customers

3. De-Risking merchants  from volatility by giving fiat currency to merchants 

Key Features of UTrust Payment platform

1.  Consumer Protection :

Any good payment processor has to provide adequate consumer protection and risk mitigation for potential frauds for it to be acceptable. If you look in the Fiat world Paypal, Visa,Master card provide adequate consumer protection. UTRUST is building risk mitigation and consumer protection  for buyers and sellers on the platform. Utrust protects buyers for both products and services. Payments are only transferred to sellers once the mediator confirms the payment. Utrust also provides conflict resolution support in case some thing goes wrong.

2.  Pay with multiple cryptocurrencies 

Utrust is supporting multiple cryptocurrencies and not just bitcoin so you might be able to pay with ethereum, monero, dash or any of your favourite cryptocurrencies. While some of its competitors only support bitcoin, UTRUST is going ahead and building support for multiple cryptocurrencies.

3. Receive money in Fiat currency

As a seller you receive money in only fiat currency this ensures you are protected from volatility and fluctuations in prices of cryptocurrencies

4.  Low fee 

    Utrust charges one of the lowest fee in the market the fee is flat 1 %

5. Best Exchange Rates 

   UTRUST plans to use advanced analytics to get you the best exchange price by querying multiple exchanges for  transactions.

6. An Inbuilt UTrust token which can be used free on the platform 

UTRUST is not just a classical payment processor, It has also issued its own cryptocurrency  UTRUST token(UTK). Like other cryptocurrencies you can buy sell and trade in UTRUST tokens on various exchanges. UTRUST will be kind of reserve currency on the UTRUST platform and can be converted internally at zero exchange fee. So if you have UTRUST tokens you don't pay any exchange fees for your transactions processed by UTRUST.


1. Total supply: 500 million

2.Team: 10% (50 million)

3. Private investors: 20% (100 million) they stay vested for one year.

4.Pre-ICO: 5% (50 million)

5. ICO: 55% (275 Million)

6. Bounty: 5% (25 million)

7. Max cap: $21 Million