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❝ Ubiq is a decentralised platform that allows creation of DApps and smart contracts and is built on an improved version of Ethereum Blockchain ❞
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Ubiq is a peer-to-peer, open source, decentralised enterprise ready build of Ethereum Blockchain that features smart contract and decentralised applications. It is a fork of Ethereum Blockchain carried out and launched in January 2017 and is built on an improved Ethereum codebase. The Ubiq blockchain network provides a stable blockchain to host Ethereum Virtual Machine that allows developers to create decentralised and automated solutions which are until then carried out by third-party intermediaries.

The Key Issue UBIQ Resolves

Ubiq Blockchain solves a very critical issue for deployment of Ethereum's enterprise-wide solutions. Since Ethereum is a very advanced technology and is continuously evolving and is leading to advancement. For, enterprise-wide solutions, a continuously evolving technology is far too risky proposition because of the vulnerabilities and cost involved in updating the platform at a regular interval. For this reason, Ubiq Blockchain includes only tried and tested features of Ethereum which offers a stable build with all working features.

Key Features

Enterprise Ready: UBIQ offers a stable, enterprise-ready platform of Ethereum Blockchain which is well suited for large applications which are its value proposition. The platform also offers a fully operational platform for deployment of smart contracts and DApps.

UBIQ's Fusion Wallet: The desktop wallet or as it is called Fusion wallet allows UBIQ assets to be managed from a single place either it is receiving UBIQ token from wallets or deploying smart contracts and creating tokens.

88 Seconds Block Interval: 88 seconds block time resolves the issue of an orphan block against the 60 second or less interval from miners, in which they do not receive each other works before solving their own. Additionally, the Flux POW algorithm allows the network to operate at lower and more varying hash rates.

Development Team

The development team consists of professionals from a diverse range and vast experience from the Blockchain field and traditional financial services. Ubiq is currently lead by Julian Yap ( Developer) previously worked with Bittrex exchange, Luke Williams (Developer), Kris Hansen (an established Blockchain developer), Aldo Borrero (Developer) and Alex Sterk (Community Manager), host of Blocktalk and an educator of blockchain technology.

Coin Details

UBQ is the token for UBIQ and is used to pay fees for the DApps & smart contracts implemented in the UBIQ Blockchain. Its supply is not capped and increases every year. Unlike most of the coin, UBIQ doesn't launch its ICO or has a pre-mine. UBIQ launched in January 2017 with 36,451,770 units and keeps on adding 8 UBQ per block.  Block reward comes with inflation-adjusted rate and will decrease by 1 UBQ per year until it comes down to 1 UBQ from 8 UBQ per block.

Just like investors, the development team has also acquired UBQ tokens the same way and promised to work free for the lifetime of the project. Their main remuneration is the increasing valuation of the tokens which will keep them going and motivated.

Key Links

Website: https://ubiqsmart.com/index.html

White Paper: Not Released