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❝ TenX is a payment wallet which offers debit cards and mobile wallets which can be funded by Cryptocurrencies ❞
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TenX is a mobile wallet and debit card which can be funded by cryptocurrencies. TenX has a tie up with Visa and MasterCard so you can top up your debit card using cryptocurrencies and TenX debit cards can be used in 200 plus countries. TenX offers a mobile app, desktop app and a debit card to enable payments. Token for TenX is called Pay it is an ERC2o token.

TenX makes money from payment processing fee revenue shared by Visa and MasterCard. TenX revenues are similar to other private label credit cards. They are an issuer and receive a share of revenues part of which they retain and some part is shared with PAY holders (token holders). Currently TenX shares about 1/3rd of revenue with PAY holders. 


Limited acceptability of Cryptocurrencies for payments and retail stores so it is difficult to spend cryptocurrencies in a useful way.


A payment wallet and debit card which is backed by Visa and Master card and hence  theoretically can be used at any outlet which accepts Master and Visa card which can be topped up by cryptocurrency. You can pay using following Cryptocurrencies

1. Bitcoin

2. ethereum

3. Dash

4.  ERC 20 tokens

Key Features

1. No exchange and conversion fees

2. Multi blockchain asset support so you can use multiple cryptocurrencies to top up your debit card

3. Decentralized smart contract based security which allows you to control all your funds.

Token Utility 

PAY is the token for TenX.  As a holder of PAY tokens you receive share from revenue on every transaction TenX processes. So if TenX processes more transactions you receive more payments. Payments are currently paid in ether. So value of tour Pay tokens is directly proportional to following 2 factors.

1. Number of users of TenX debit card

2. Average spend on TenX cards 


 Founded in 2015 TenX is based out of Singapore. Singapore. Tenx went through multiple accelerators and attended PayPal incubator in Singapore.Here are the key member of the team

Toby Hoenisch, CEO – a serial entrepreneur.  Bachelors degree in computer science and a Masters degree in artificial intelligence.

Michael Sperk, CTO – Prior to joining TenX, he was the lead front end engineer at Visalyze.