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❝ Streamr aims to tokenize the real-time data feeds that will allow humans and machines to exchange and trade data in the decentralized P2P network. ❞
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Streamr is a decentralised peer-to-peer network platform that helps to run real-time data applications and feeds which are very clear and easy to understand. It allows a new way for humans and machine to exchange and trade data in a decentralized P2P network which is a more effective than to store in a blockchain. The P2P network helps to prevent the blockchain from being saturated with an unnecessary load of data which doesn't need to be stored. 

Streamr provides a single interface for humans and machines for the payment and delivery of real-time data and making these data marketable using its own cryptographic token DataCoin. These DataCoins are implemented on the ERC20 token of Ethereum. 

How Does it Work

Currently, large corporations have the total monopoly over these data feeds which makes difficult for a common man to get access into. In the Streamer network, users have the total control over the data and can use and sell it according to their wish that travels through a network and nodes are incentivized by DATAcoin token. Streamr provides the tools and application to create real-time data applications without the need for code. 

For instance: A self-driving car needs real-time information from other machines such as traffic congestion, road conditions, weather, electricity pods and charges at next station for its optimal performance. Streamr provides a single point interface for all real-time data delivery and payment, making real-time data feeds tradable using DataCoin. The car can autonomously purchase the data and pays for it and also sells the data to other cars, road conditions to city administrators, location & other feeds to advertisers and so on, thus creating data stream economy.

 Streamr can be classified as a full IoT enabled Blockchain system used for accessing and trading real-time data feeds from various devices and social networking platforms. 

Key Features

Single point Interface: Streamr provides a single point interface for entire data application process from data reception, storage, processing and automation with easy to use system.

Visual Editor: Streamr provides the tools and application to create real-time data applications which makes it easy to create data-driven DApps. It allows to seamlessly combine data streams, smart contracts, visualisations, and off-chain analytics modules.

Connectable: Streamr goes one step ahead than many other systems by establishing connect and integrate with external data sources at any point in the process. That means, Streamr can pull in data from an external source and even send output to external sources. It’s compatible with systems such as Amazon Kinesis, REST, Apache Kafka, and other databases and streaming APIs.

Scalable and Extendable: Streamr is equipped to handle a large number of complex data streams and huge databases of contracts. Users can also add or edit their modules at any time after the application is created.

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