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❝ Stratis is a side chain like Lisk and competes with Ethereum. ❞
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Stratis is an enterprise ready blockchain platform which provides easy to use tools for enterprises to integrate Blockchains in their technology stack and workflow. Stratis wants to provide Blockchain as a service (BAAS) for enterprise customers.

Stratis provides a .net based platform with C# as the programming language of the platform and provides simplified way to develop, test and deploy enterprise blockchain application

Stratis is based on a sidechain based architecture where all Smart contracts or applications reside on the side chain and interact with the main platform only for specific purpose. This provides assurance to enterprises that their token or application will not be compromised due to a malicious network player.

Stratis (Strat) is the token or the currency of the Stratis platform

End to End Enterprise Block chain solutions  

Stratis provides end to end enterprise block chain solutions.  

  1. Enterprises can build their block chain applications on the Stratis platform in C# on the Microsoft .NET platform.  
  2. Stratis Cloud platform also provides full-scale testing environment which allows developers to provision blockchain nodes to test applications
  3. Enterprises using Stratis platform can also deploy applications on cloud without handling the intricacies of network or managing clients themselves.
  4. Stratis also provides consulting to enterprises to define their block chain strategy.
  5. Stratis academy also provides resources and developer certifications to help enterprises and freelancers to scale up on .NET blockchain technologies.

Stratis Token (Strat Cryptocurrency)

Strat is the fuel or the currency of STRATIS platform and network. Stratis carried out an ICO in July of 2016.  Strat uses a proof of Stake as consensus algorithm and is low inflation and low emissions token.

In the initial ICO of Strat the team raised $ 675 K to fund development and marketing of the St