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❝ Sophiatx is a private blockchain solution for businesses. ❞
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SophiaTX is a public blockchain platform which integrates blockchain technology with SAP ERP , Other ERP and CRM systems. SophiaTX has been developed by Equidato technologies which is based in Switzerland. SophiaTX helps extend tradition business applications.

Sophia TX Platform has 3 key modules 

1. A blockchain designed for business environment

2. Set of API's and services through whic ERP and CRMs can interact with blockchain

3. An apps market place where companies, consultants and developers can build, buy and share apps.

Key Features of Sophia TX blockchain platform

1.  Business Ready 

    a)  Smart Contracts available and can be leveraged 

    b) Information available across the value chain

    c)  On platform collaboration reduces cycle times 

    d) Micro services based architecture

2. Flexibility 

   a)    Standardized APIs providing flexibll=ity for integration

   b)    Smart contracts 

  c)     Interoperability between systems and business platforms


3. Secure 

  a)  Immutability

  b)  Trackability and traceability

  c)   Encryption and Anonymity 



Sophia TX is powered by SPHTX token. SPHTX token is used to cover transaction fee and mining fee. It is the currecy which gives will be used to access development platform, marketplaces, and in app purchases. Some of the other use case which SPHTX token will cover is consulting fees on the platform, trading micro assets on the platform .