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❝ Rubycoin is a proof of stake based digital currency which is gateway for crypto trading app Trader daddy. ❞
Market Cap

$ 1.843M

Current Supply

$ 26.44M

Max Supply

$ NA

24hr Volume



Proof of stake



Rubycoin is a peer to peer digital currency which works on Proof of stake model. Ruby coins are an integral part of the Trader daddy ecosystem. You would need to a minimum of 500 RBY in our Bittrex account to start trading on Trader daddy.

Trader Daddy has been built to create a constant demand for Rubycoins. Trader Daddy is an automated trading software for crypto trading. Rubycoins help you start with Trader Daddy so Trader Daddy is the application which generates demands for Rubycoins.

Key Information on Rubycoin

1. Block time: 90 seconds

2 .Stake reward: 4 RBY

3. Minimum stake age: 500 blocks

Trader daddy is a a cryptocurrency trading app which used machine learning to place automatic trading orders . Currently Trader daddy works with bittrex exchange. Following exchanges are in pipeline

1. Poloniex

2. Gemini

3. Bitfinex

4. Bitstamp


6. Kraken