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❝ RISE is a LISK based cryptocurrency that provides platform for DApps, smart contracts and creation of side-chain to developers, organization, technology startups and investors. ❞
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RISE, a Lisk based cryptocurrency and distributed application platforms that emphasizes security and ease of use as its main underlining feature. The RISE platform provides developers, organization, technology startups and investors with a platform for DApps, smart contracts and creation of side-chain, which are supported by the delegated proof-of-stake (dPOS). It also helps to provide security to your blockchain, instead of having to build your own. The platform is easily accessible from multiple mobile devices and web interface.

RISE aims to bring in basic DApps and smart contracts within the reach of everyone instead of limiting it to skilled developers. RISE plans to increase large-scale adoption of its platform through the development of software development kits (SDKs) which enables easy integration of RISE into the applications running on Windows, Linux, iOS and other operating systems. The RISE SDKs support multiple programming languages like Javascript, Python, C#, Ruby and JAVA.

The delegated proof-of-stake (dPOS) is the main feature of the RISE platform. dPOS is based on delegates creating accounts in which delegates are trusted accounts. dPOS consensus algorithm was first created by BitShares team which helps in to reduce the cost and inefficient power consumption associated with Proof-of-work system used in Bitcoin. Block generation is performed by top 101 Delegates only who are entitled to receive a fee. Network fees for sending a RISE transaction is 0.1 RISE.

Key Features

Usernames: RISE allows users to have custom made user-id which can be easily recalled eliminating the need for remembering long account addresses. The usernames are linked to the account which helps in completing a transaction. The network fee for username registration is 100 Rise.

Contacts: RISE allows users to add and maintain contact list or friend list of most used user accounts. Having more number of contacts on the platform are considered more reputable than one without. The network fee for adding a new contact and adding an incoming request is 1 RISE.

Multi-Signatures: Rise allows the creation of a multi-signature group by its users. Transactions from multi-signature groups can be configured to require some or all signatories for approval.

Smart-Contract: RISE enables to connect your contract to external data sources through REST APIs and allows them to execute automatically when the criteria are fulfilled.  Development of smart contracts will be handled through a graphical user interface which will allow currency transactions, actions via APIs and more.

Coin Details

RISE has a total coin supply of 100 million, out of which 88 million is distributed to ICO participants. The remaining 12 million coins are split with 9 million coins to be held by the development team, and rest 3 million coins are reserved for bounties and campaigns.

RISE held its ICO from in May 2016, in which it raised 1,700 BTC from over 6,000 participants worldwide with an ICO price of 2061 Satoshi. Post ICO, RISE was listed on the Bittrex Coin Exchange.

Block time: 30 seconds
Block reward: 15 Rise (first year)
Round time: 50 minutes 30 seconds


RISE is founded by Cormac Lucking (CEO), previously founded Cloakcoin and was project manager of Mintcoin, Steven Remington (Vice-President).

Important Development

On June 2017, RISE switched over to a new and improved main-net (Ark-Shift hybrid) requiring old RISE coins to be swapped with new RISE coins. The swap was facilitated on Bittrex Coin Exchange at 1:1 swap ratio.

Key Links

Website: https://rise.vision/

Whitepaper: https://prod.coss.io/documents/white-papers/rise.pdf