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❝ A sharing financial research platform focuses on Chinese economy and capital market where participants from across the world contributes world-class research report ❞
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Red Pulse (RPX) is the first NEO based ICO token and has created a sharing economy for financial research content that particularly focuses on the Chinese economy. Red Pulse acts as a market intelligence platform focusing particularly on China's economy and capital markets. The platform is similar to existing market intelligence platform such as FactSet, S&P Global, Bloomberg but has different operating standards.

Red Pulse is a global community that shares a common interest where participants are fairly incentivized by the RPX tokens to produce world-class research report and technology-enabled analysis tools. Red Pulse provides editorial oversight of the platform structure that helps to maintain its quality of research contents, administering a fair and transparent incentivization system and vetting and approving research contributors as expert level contributors.

Its token RPX is the driving force that keeps the research consumers and producers aligned with the increasing demand for China market insights and benefit from the rise of China's economy.


China's economy is 2nd largest in the world and also one of the best-performing economy for decades and for investors picking up relevant and important information is like finding a needle in a haystack as the market is flooded with various data points indicating several possible situations which could lead to huge confusions. The situation is called information overload which means exposure to too much data in which accuracy of the data is also affected.

And, established big players in research content business generally cut out the small and independent research producers forcing users to enter into discriminating pricing model.


The sharing economy for research platform for the creation of high-quality research content is the solution where independent and small analysts can contribute and in return, they are compensated. And, research consumers can get access to information most relevant to them.

How Red Pulse Work

Its token RPX is the underlying mechanism used to facilitate the Red Pulse ecosystem and its participants get benefitted from the rise of China's economy. The independent and small research firms contribute their ideas on an ad-hoc basis and are compensated for their valuable insights of the industry while research consumers can access to research most relevant to them.

Scaling and Research Process

  • Data Collection
  • Data Classification & Transformation
  • Information & Trend Analysis
  • Hypothesis & Insight Creation
  • Writing and Editing
  • Distribution & Monetization

The process addresses the issue of scale, relevance and cost structure. The first three process is automated through machine learning. The third, fourth and fifth process are scaled through open content ecosystem facilitating independent research analysis contribution. And, monetization process is cryptocurrency based direct monetization process.

Why Red Pulse Used Blockchain

Red Pulse uses its token to RPX to power its platform and its vision to create a global community of colleagues with direct incentivization ecosystem. The token also solves the problems brought in by existing market intelligence platform.

Cold start problem: Without fair reward system and research consumers seeking quality research report there wouldn't have enough contributors. The RPX token convinces enough market participants and analysts to contribute to the platform while convincing financial professional to seek for valuable content.

Frictional Costs: Reduces transaction fees within the platform as it removes the financial intermediaries having to address counterparty risk, settlement and clearing costs

A system of Record: A publicly verifiable record that used to confirm wether content producers are fairly rewarded for their contributions in the platform

Key Features

  • A platform that lets market participants and research analysts from all over the world to contribute high-quality research report of the Chinese market.
  • The platform's voting system lets most voted content producers earn more token and maintain high-quality reports.
  • Research consumers only pay for those research articles on an ad-hoc basis which are relevant to them, unlike traditional market intelligence platforms that charge for the whole offering.

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