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❝ QTUM is a Proof of stakes based Smart contract platform which is a hybrid of Ethereum and Bitcoin. ❞
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$ 213M

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$ 102.2M

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$ 107.8M

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QTUM is a decentralized blockchain network built on intersection of Bitcoin and Ethereum architecture. QTUM provides ethereum type smart contracts and use Bitcoin model of unspent transactions. QTUM smart contracts are compatible ethereum ethereum blockchain. QTUM uses a proof of stake for block confirmation so no scope of mining QTUM tokens.


Building a smart contract platform which  is decentralized, scalable, private and immutable. 


QTUM is trying to take a swing at the big Smart contract market.  The original gorilla there is Ethereum, so QTUM is trying to do what Ethereum is doing or what bunch of other blockchain based smart contract platforms are doing like NEO ( which prides itself as most technologically advance) or Cardano or ARK or Komodo are trying to do . All of them are conceptually similar platforms. Positioning and markets are which they are trying to differentiate on. Ethereum is the original smart contract platform, NEO is technologically advanced then ethereum and caters to the China market. QTUM  also caters to china market and is trying to differentiate itself by being the smart contract platform of choice for enterprises.

Key Features of QTUM

1.  Ethereum like smart contract platform  which is compatible with Ethereum blockchain.

2 . Proof of Stakes consensus system. It is one of the only smart contracts platform which uses Proof of Stakes 

3.  Data feeds and Oracles have been integrated with QTUM platform which makes integration with off blokchain systems and data networks easier as a result  makes it more attractive to enterprises to use it as a smart contract platform

4. A Smart contract platform positioned and built for enterprises 

QTUM Tokens 

1. QTUM tokens are ERC 20 compatible 

2. Utility of the token will be transfer of value 



1. A well funded and backed team 

2. Focus on enterprises can be a differentiator

3. Mainnet launched 


1. In a crowded space no clear differentiator 

2. Still technologically very similar to ethereum

3. No winning use case , no ICO's , DAPPS  etc

4. Past not so good history of founders 


1. Enterprise market which requires different level of support 

2. Still a wide open market 


1. Bigger competitor in the form of NEO in backyard

2. Ethereum ecosystem very fast can eat into lot of smaller players 

3.  Global smart contract market might be winner takes all market due to network effects.