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❝ Qlink is a decentralized mobile network which is building a decentralized global wifi sharing network. ❞
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Qlink calls itself world's first decentralized mobile network. For starters let us understand what do they mean by decentralized mobile network. As a decenteralized mobile network Qlink will allow the following 

1. Wifi Sharing 

2. Mobile data marketplace (Data and SMS)

3. Decentralized telecom infrastructure.


Centralized nature of Telecom providers results in lost of inefficiencies with lot of access data getting wasted, people wasting money in fixed cost plans on data and SMS etc. Inaccurate billing etc 


1. A decentralized telecom network which consists of telecom assets, public blockchain,Qlink chain, operators and users

2. A block chain platform which will provide WiFi sharing, data access on the go, distribution of content and B2C services.

3. Public chain will consist of registered telecom assets connected to NEO block chain

4. QLink chain will be kind of side chain which maintains ledger record and handles smart contract usage and management. Majority transactions will be handled on this chain which uses Delegated proof of stake for faster transaction processing.

5.  Qlink gateway will allow users to connect with with operators to access services securely

Token Utility and Details

QLC is the token which powers the Qlink network . QLC will be required to access applications on the network.Utilities like data will be traded using QLC tokens. 

Token Sale Breakup 

1. Total Tokens : 600,000,000

2.Tokens available in crowd sale : 224,000,000

3. Token Breakup 

    a)  40% (240M) - Held as a provision for partnerships, marketing, strategic initiatives, and future QLC expenses.

    b)  20% (120 M) Qlink team

    c) 40 %( 240 M)Public sale and bounty campaigns

ICO Hard cap

Pre Sale bonus 


 QLink has a star team lead by telecom veterans.

Allen Li — Co-founder & Co-CEO

Susan Zhou — Co-founder & Co-CEO

Roger Lim — Head of Investor Relations

Tony Gu — Head of BD


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