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Satoshi to INR Converter

1 Satoshi=0.05564331 INR
100 Satoshi=5.56433079 INR
1000 Satoshi=55.64330790 INR
10000 Satoshi=556.43307900 INR
20000 Satoshi=1112.86615800 INR
50000 Satoshi=2782.16539500 INR
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Satoshi Definition

Satoshi is the smallest unit of Bitcoin. This is analogous to 1 paisa which is the smallest unit for INR( Indian Rupee). No points for guessing that Satoshi is named after the mercurial and elusive inventor of Bitcoin, A gentleman who went by the name Satoshi Nakamoto.

If you are in India and looking to buy bitcoins some exchanges like Zebpay may quote prices in Satoshis as it makes absolute values more investable with increasing price of bitcoins.

So from the exchange, you can buy Satoshis using INR.

How Many Satoshis in one Bitcoins

1 bitcoin = 10000000 satoshis or 1 Bitcoin = 10^7 Satoshis that is 1 followed by 7 zeroes or in our Decimal system 1 Bitcoin = 100 Million Satoshis

So 1 Million Satoshi = 0.01 Bitcoins and 10 million Satosh = 0.1 Bitcoin

Satoshi and Bitcoin Protocol

In the original protocol for Bitcoin which Satoshi Nakamoto wrote for Bitcoin, there is no concept of Bitcoin the smallest unit of currency defined was Satoshi. Originally Satoshi Nakamoto decided to limit bitcoin supply to 21 million bitcoin which means there will be 2,100,000,000,000,00 units eventually in Bitcoins. As per one of the initial developers of Bitcoin they looked at M1 money supply and realized that this supply will suffice while ensuring satoshis stay convenient for day to day regular transactions. So Satoshi is the base unit of bitcoin protocol.

Satoshi being the basic unit of protocol cannot be changed.

Practical Significance of Satoshi

Satoshi being the smallest unit of Bitcoin so you can theoretically make payments as small as 0.00000001 Bitcoin which is much more flexible than some of the fiat currencies. This also means it makes micropayments possible.So you can pay and charge in Satoshis for small payments like charging for people reading blogs or paying for solving a puzzle or completing a captcha or completing a short survey.