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1 ETH=4.61K USD
10 ETH=46.12K USD
100 ETH=461.21K USD
1000 ETH=4.61M USD

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About SipACoin

Sipacoin provides live price updates for Ethereum in USD and multiple other currencies. You can also set up price alerts for ethereum on your email or on Sipacoin APP. Ethereum(ETH) to USD prices are updated every 10 seconds.
Ethereum can be bought or sold on designated crypto exchanges. Recently ether is getting available through ATMs as well. One of the first such ATM was set up in Toronto.

How do we calculate Ethereum(ETH) to USD Prices

Currently, ethereum price shown on Sipacoin is from Coinbase. The price is updated every 10 secs so that you always have the best price.

About Ethereum(ETH)

Ethereum at its core is a distributed public blockchain network while bitcoin is a peer to peer payments ( digital currency) working on top of the distributed public blockchain, Ethereum provides the backbone for a variety of use cases and apps to be built on its decentralized networks. One of the core capability Ethereum provides is running smart contracts on its blockchain backbone.Ethereum is the brainchild of Vitalik Buterin was funded with a crowdsale. It went live in 2015 and had about 11.9 million premined coins or ether tokens. Ether tokens are the value tokens for ethereum blockchain they are traded on all most all important crypto exchanges.

Some top use cases for Ethereum

  1. Blockchain-based shares and dividends and even voting
  2. Smart contracts in Real estate
  3. Smart digital decentralized ownership of Artwork, antiques etc
  4. Smart contracts for record management
  5. Ethereum based Insurance products to track and maintain history
  6. Ethereum based content distribution and management platform

Some of the top US Crypto exchanges where you can buy ether tokens are below

  1. Coinbase
  2. Poloniex
  3. GDAX
  4. Coinmama
  5. Bitquick
  6. Gemini