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1 BTC=5.56M INR
10 BTC=55.64M INR
100 BTC=556.43M INR
1000 BTC=5.56B INR

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About SipACoin

Sipacoin provides the live price of Bitcoin in INR ( Indian Rupees) and host of other currencies. You can also set up price alerts for bitcoin on your email or through our APP. BTC to INR prices is updated every 10 seconds. If you are from India and looking to track bitcoin price in local currency set up a price alert using our app or on email or bookmark this page.

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the digital currency of the future. A peer to peer currency with no central authority and built with help of crypto technology and blockchain. Bitcoin is an alternative to fiat currencies which are created by central banks and governments. Bitcoins can be bought and sold at designated exchanges.

How do we calculate bitcoin price?

INR price for Bitcoins is updated from Unocoin which is one of the most premier exchanges in India. All prices are updated in 10 secs.

Bitcoin in India

Bitcoin is still not legal in India. Indian central bank has taken an ambiguous stand on bitcoins. While they are open looking at cryptocurrencies but do not seem to be comfortable with bitcoin as such. Irrespective of what RBI says a lot of Indians are already investing in bitcoins. There are multiple bitcoin exchanges that have mushroomed in India. Here is a list of top bitcoin exchanges

  1. Unocoin
  2. Koinex
  3. Coinsecure
  4. Zebpay

If you are in India you can also buy from quite a few international exchanges like

  2. Coinmama
  3. Localbitcoins
  4. Shapeshift