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❝ Power ledger is a blockchain based P2P energy trading applications ❞
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Energy distribution has been going through transformation in last few years which are altering how energy gets produced and consumed and the whole supply chain in between. From big utilities as the focal point and and central control of all energy supply we are transitioning to a world with distributed suppliers( mostly empowered by solar energy) are getting bigger and bigger and hence the relations between utilities and consumers are getting altered hence Power trading is going through a fundamental transformation

Power ledger is a block chain based P2P energy trading application. Power ledger enables utilities or power producers to trade power on the application. If you produce surplus energy power ledger can help you trade your power on the exchange to existing distribution networks. Power ledger technology 

Key Advantages of Power Ledger

1.  Creates market for surplus Solar power and hence improved economics for Soler Power

2.  Increased utilization  and hence  network assets become more valuable

3.  Makes low cost solar energy accessible to wider audiences changes the mix of your power supply

4.  A truly P2P platform which empowers community to produce and store energy

POWR and Sparkz token

Power ledger platform provides interoperability  between different markets and  pricing systems. Power ledger accomplished it through pre-purchased tokens.

Power ledger uses POWR tokens which provides Application hosts (like utilities) and users access to the platform and they can use the platform. Sparkz token are issued against escrowed POWR tokens through a smart contract this helps Application hosts to bring in new customers on the platform.

POWR token is the fuel on which the whole Power ledger trading ecosystem runs. POWR token is a standard ethereum ERC20 token.

Product Roadmap 

1. Q2-2016 : Power Ledger Founded

2. Q3:-2016 : Australian Blockchain trial

3. Q4-2016 : First International Deployment

4.  Q2-2017: Commercial Deployment of Multi tenant property

5. Q4-2017 : Partnership with Indra Australia

6. Q1-2018: First blockchain electric vehicle trading platform

Other key initiatives in Pipeline

1. Carbon Trading

2. Transmission exchange

3. Wholesale market settlement