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❝ Omisego is a decentralized exchange and payment network on a public block chain based on ethereum network ❞
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OmiseGO offers a as a decentralised exchange and payment network to trade in various forms of crypto coins and from centralized payment processors fo Fiat currencies to cryptocurrencies. OmiseGo has intelligently utilized the block-chain technology to offer a transparent and fair alternative to the existing online exchanges. It operates over the Ethereum-blockchain. 

Omisego use a Omisego(OMG) tokens on the network

Features of OmiseGo:

· Decentralised Exchange: OmiseGo is a plethora of financial services in regime of virtual currencies.

· Uniform fee structure: OmiseGo charge backs a uniform transaction fee irrespective of the fact that you are converting fiat currency into the digital or the other way around.

History and Founders of OmiseGo:
OmiseGo is an initiative run by Jun Hasegawa and Donnie Harinsut in Bangkok, Thailand (2013). The eminent personalities in the zone of crypto currency like Vitalin Buterin, Gavin Wood are a part of this project that ensure a wise and experienced set of experts aspiring to realise the goals. On top of it, OmiseGo has got the authorisation from the Bank of Thailand.

How to buy OmiseGo?
There is no provision in current regime to exchange the OmiseGO tokens against the fiat currency, but it can be well acquired in return of the virtual coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. Follow the list of the popular exchanges to get a hold of the OMG coins.

Best OmiseGo Exchanges:

· Bitfinex

· Huobi

· Binance

· Bittrex

· Yobit

· Poloneix

· HitBTC

· Cryptopia

· Liqui

· Gate

Best OmiseGo Wallets:

· Ledger Nano S

· Trezor

· MyEtherWallet

· Exodus Wallet

Key Competitors of OmiseGo:

· Stripe

· Cybersource

Key advantages of OmiseGo:

· OmiseGO is in existence since 2013 with its international presence in the nations like Thailand, Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia. This sets a reasonable credibility in its favour.

· OmiseGo acquired Paysbuy (an authenticated e-money business) that further enhances its degree of reliability.

· Persons of great eminence in the field of crypto-currency are associated with the OmiseGo project which makes it a promising venture.

· The ongoing projects and future apprehensions seem bright for the OmiseGo platform as it is likely to be accepted widely in the common marketplace. (Allegedly, MCD’s chain in Thailand may adopt the payment system of OmiseGo as a payment mode)

Disadvantages of OmiseGo:

· The exact functionality of OmiseGo is existing in the concept itself and yet to evolve in reality. 

· The building of wallet and block-chain is under the process.