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❝ Neblio is secure and decentralized platform that simplifies and accelerates development of DApps for enterprise applications and services ❞
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The Neblio (NEBL) is a development platform designed to simplify and accelerate development of decentralized applications on the Neblio Blockchain and other blockchain networks in the future. Its unique decentralized peer-to-peer network of nodes exchange information in form of transactions and store that information in an immutable ledger. Each node on the network contains the full copy of all information in the blockchain at all the times thus removing points of failure and also scalability issues. Neblio aims to replace the traditional legacy database applications through the simplified development and use of API abstraction layers.


Blockchain has brought an infinite level of advancement in the technological and data application space in a very short span of time. This has brought a huge gap in the skillsets of developers that is one of the major obstacles in developing distributed applications. 

And, with existing public blockchain companies like Ethereum, Stratis, and Lisk which allows others to develop DApps using their blockchain are facing the issue of scalability and increased transaction time.

How Neblio Functions

Neblio offers enterprise blockchain solutions that will be offered in eight different programming languages, making it simple for any developers with even basic programming skills to connect to the Neblio blockchain. Also, deploying a new node in the Neblio's network to support your own app is simplified.

Neblio's open source nature combined with its business services offers a quick and smooth private deployment for industries where applications are required to run on a private blockchain. 

Neblio's token NEBL are used to verify new block in the network and also secures the network from bad actors. It uses a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, in which users with more tokens are incentivized to stake their tokens and verify new blocks.

Key Features

Simplification as an Enterprise Adoption Driver: Neblio helps in deploying a full node in the network and allows for the rapid flexible development of distributed applications. Its RESTful interface helps to create new, or adapt old applications to use blockchains simply without going much into the details of the blockchain.

Security and Immutability: Using the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm, users are rewarded to verify or run the network and also secure the network from the malicious network. On the private network, Neblio tokens are staked by trustworthy parties who are in charge of running and securing the network while retaining the inherent benefits of public blockchain technology.

Scalability and Reliability: The Neblio network is massively scalable and reliable thus making a perfect fit for enterprise and business to run their Tier 1 applications. Each node in the network contains the full copy of the entire blockchain at all times thus increasing the performance and also reducing the response time of all  DApps as it can interact with the closest and fastest node. This also results in no downtime if any of the nodes went down or leaves the network without affecting the network functionality.

Use Cases

Secure Record Management: It provides a secure and decentralized ledger for any types of record management including health data to financial transactions.

Regulatory Compliance and Audit Trails: Information on the Neblio blockchain are immutable and guaranteed accurate and unaltered when they are pulled out for compliance and audit purpose.

The IOT and Big Data: Neblio blockchain provides a decentralized method for next generation IoT devices to communicate and authenticate data securely.

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