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❝ Monero is an open source private digital currency which can not be traced. ❞
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Monero is one of the top cryptocurrencies and gaining popularity every day due to its unique privacy feature. In this buying guide we explain different ways to buy Monero. We cover the following 

1. Buying Monero with Credit Cards

2. Buying Monero with Debit Cards

3. Buying Monero with Bitcoins 

4. Buying Monero with Paypal 

5. Exchanges where you can directly buy Monero

6. Transferring Monero to a Safe Wallet 

Let us understand each of these method in details

Buying Monero with Credit Card

Currently there is no direct easy way to buy Monero with Credit card. The best possible method is buy Bitcoins or Ethereum with Credit card and then convert them to Monero. So here is list of exchanges where you can buy bitcoins with credit card

1. Coinbase 

Coinbase is the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world . Currently Coinbase is available in the following countries : United States of America, Europe, Canada

     Step by Step process for Buying Bitcoins

     1. Go to Coinbase and Sign up for a new account 

     2. Connect your Credit card to your coinbase account 

     3. Purchase Bitcoin or Ethereum

Once you have bought bitcoins, head over to Binance and convert your Bitcoins or ethereum to Monero 

2. CoinMama

CoinMama allows you to buy Bitcoins or ethereum with credit card from most of the geographies. Here is what you need to do to.

  1. Go to CoinMama and set up your account 

  2. Verify your account and complete the KYC

 3.  Purchase Bitcoins or ethereum using your credit card

Once you have bought bitcoins, head over to Binance and convert your Bitcoins or ethereum to Monero 

Buy Monero with bank account   

Depending on where you live you can use different exchanges to buy bitcoin or ether and then convert to XMR using Binance.

For US Residents : Buy Bitcoins from Coinbase.

For Canadian  Residents : Buy Bitcoins from Coinsquare

For EU Residents : Buy Bitcoins using Bitpanda 

For Indian Residents : Buy Bitcoin from Zebpay

Buy Monero with Paypal

Currently no exchage will let you buy Monero directly with Paypal. So the best way to buy Monero with paypal is to find an exchange which let's you buy bitcoins or ethereum with paypal and then you can head over to another exchange and convert bitcoins to Monero(XMR).

Easiest way to buy bitcoin with Paypal is Virwox though one of the downside is they charge high fees. Here is a step by step process for buying Monero with Paypal

1.  Go to Virwox 

2. Open an account on Virwox 

3. Complete your details 

4.  Verify and activate your account 

5. Fund your Virwox account with Paypal account you will need to chose pay with paypal for this.

6.  Buy SLL with USD 

7. Buy BTC with SLL 

8. Transfer your BTC to your Binance wallet 

9. Convert BTC to Monero on Binance

10. Transfer your Monero to the safety of your Monero wallet 

Buy Monero with Skrill

If you are looking to buy Monero with Skrill. you have essentially 2 options, Buy it on a European exchange which accepts Skrill or Buy it from Virwox.

Buy it on BitPanda

Bitpanda is one of the top exchanges where you can buy bitcoins with your Skrill Account. Login into your Bitpanda account make a purchase for

Buy Monero with Bitcoins/Ethereum/Ripple/Dash/

If you already have bitcoins and ethereum then there are multiple ways to quickly convert into Monero. You can use instant Change services like

1. Changelley

1. Go to Changelly

2. Input amount of BTC ,Ether, Dash or Ripple and get the current conversion for Monero (XMR)

3. Click on Exchange and then click on Next

4.  Input your Monero Wallet Address. Click Next and Continue to exchange .

Please ensure you input the right address for your Monero wallet.

4. As a next step you send bitcoin or ether or Ripple to the designated Changelley address which converts and gives you transaction id for Monero coins which are sent your wallets .