Modum provides IOT based data integrity solutions for industrial supplychains using ethereum blockchain

Market Cap
Current Supply
$ 27.3M
Max Supply
$ 27.3M
24hr Volume
website is a Switzerland based blockchain startup which is using blockchain to increase efficiencies of supply chain by monitoring and providing data on products in transition. Modums’s IOT sensor provides temperature, humidity and movement that a package experienced during transit resulting in integrity of Data which is immutable and governed by smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain.

As a sender you can program your shipment and track all the data and get final analytics on the condition of the shipment. 

The Modum system consists of 4 key Elements 

1. First and foremost is the Smart Contract which holds the instructions, parameters and action triggers which can prompt notifications. So you can set up and pre-program conditions of transit for the shipment

2. IOT Sensors which are fully programmable which can measure multiple environment factors like temperature, humidity etc

3. Mobile App: provides a simple mobile app which can be installed in any phone both Android and iPhone you can get all the notifications and environmental reports directly to your app.

4. Data Analytics and reporting dashboard. Modum also provide a rich dashboard which can be pre-configured for your shipments and you can run multiple analysis .

What works for Modum 

1. A classical blockchain use case which solves a real problem and can help make Supply chains efficient across the board.

2. Fair Milestone tokens with community taken into loop as locked tokens are released.

3. Focus on one use case i.e. Pharma before expanding.

4. Pilot runs complete and first launch coming up in Q1 2017

5. A blockchain independent/agnostic platform so can possibly scale on multiple blockchain networks they care currently starting with Ethereum.

6. Key industries where Modus devices can have good applications: Healthcare, Chemical Industry, Heavy Machinery, Automotive, Aerospace, Aviation, Food Industry.

MOD Token Details 

1. Token Type : Ethereum ERC20

2. Total Token Supply : 30 Million MOD tokens

3. Crowdsale Supply : 20.1 Million MOD tokens

4. Price at ICO : 1 USD per token

5. Locked for : 9.9 million MOD tokens

Key Challenges that Modum Faces 

1. Differential regulatory environment and rules of the game in different industries as they try to expand from just Pharma focussed to other industries.

2. Run a way growth not possible in heavily regulated industries and regulations can change with geography.

3. They are still piloting actual product launch might throw up different kind of challenges.

How can you buy MOD tokens

Mod tokens can be bought as BTC pair. So you would need to buy Bitcoin and then convert Bitcoin to MOD tokens. Following exchanges support MOD tokens as of now 

1. Binance

2. Ether Delta

3. KuCoin

Modum Team 

1. Simon Dossegger : CEO

2. Dr. Stefan M. Weber : COO

3. Sacha Uhlmann: CTO