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❝ MCAP coin launched with a mission to promote and support research and development of cryptocurrency universe and bring it to the reach of common people ❞
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MCAP Labs has been launched with a mission to empower people in investing into the cryptocurrency universe through knowledge, research and development and to earn huge returns in the long run by investing in a single coin. 

MCAP Labs assists investors with less crypto knowledge to participate in investment and trading opportunities. Its in-house developed innovative research methodology and platform helps to identify those cryptocurrencies which have high centralization in the mining process. Also, its ICO evaluation platform assists new ICO's in assessing the pain points before launch.

The current cryptocurrency and ICO market is pretty fragmented and investors are always on the edge of incurring huge losses or getting duped by the market makers. It assists in helping out investors to invest in single cryptocurrency rather than multiple coins. Its token MCAP uses the ERC20 protocol for the peer-to-peer transaction and all the MCAP transactions are recorded to the Ethereum blockchain to ensure immutability and transparency. 

Key Features

MCAP Labs focuses on three key areas i.e. mining research, ICO evaluation and ICO investment.

Mining Research: It unique two-way research methodology enables to analyse the best cryptocurrency for the mining process. It matches the algorithm of the specified coin with the user's hardware capability to derive the best result from the mining operation thus increasing profits.

ICO Evaluation: MCAPS comprehensive evaluation of new ICO's with a uniquely designed KPI Test identify the pain points before launch. This evaluation test helps in identifying the malintent actors which dupe the investors after the launch.

ICO Investment: MCAPS primarily invests in ICOs of the analytically selected cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency which serve a huge potential to high market value from the capital raised.

Coin Details

According to its website, MCAP raised over $19 million through its ICO and has issued 100 million MCAP tokens. MCAP token represents the ownership of the MCAP platform. The raised amount from ICO will be expended in Mining Hardware (48%), Mining Utilities (28%), Employees (9%), Marketing (6%) and Legal & Accounting (9%).

MCAP is also the only currency to invest in Bitcoin Growth Fund.

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