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In august 2016 after almost 10 years of research MaidSafe released first version of its Autonomous Data Network. Ultimately Maidsafe envisions to create a decentralized Internet the starting point of which is an open source data storage and communication platform called SAFE. SAFE stands for Secured access for everyone. Safecoin or Maidsafe coin is the currency of the SAFE Network

What is SAFE Network?

The SAFE (Secure access for everyone) is a P2P technology based open source platform. SAFE software provides secured access to apps like messaging, social networks, data storage, email and many more.

SAFE network leverages free or unused disk space, processing power and data connections of its network users and provides all these services with best in class security resistant to data theft and Surveillance.

Maidsafe acronym for Massive array of Internet Disks, Secure access for everyone is a company based out of Scotland which built and runs the Safe Network.

Founders and History of MaidSafe (SAFE Network)

SAFE network was founded by a Scotland based Engineer David Ervine. Maidsafe now has a diverse team of engineers, researchers and designers from across the world

How to buy Safe Coins or Maidsafecoins

1. First step will be to buy bitcoin if you already have a bitcoin than go to step 2 directly.

2. Open an account on of the exchanges which support Maidsafe coins. Top exchanges which support Maidsafe coins are Poloniex, BITTREX, HIT BTC. So you can create an account on any of these exchanges

3. Transfer bitcoins to your account ( One you created on one of the exchanges above)

4. Convert Bitcoin(BTC) to Maidsafecoin(Maid)

5. Transfer your coins to a safer off exchange wallet a desktop wallet or a hardware wallet

Wallets for Maidsafecoins

1. Desktop Wallets: Exodus

2. Exchange Wallets: Poloniex, Bittrex,HTC BTC

3. Web wallet: Omni wallet 

Exchanges for Maidsafecoins

Maidsafe coins are supported by following exchanges

1. Poloniex

2. Bittrex




6. Curex

Key Competitors of Maidsafecoins

1. Siacoin

2. Storj

3. Bitcloud

4. Blockstack