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❝ Lykee is a trading app for Cryptocurrencies. Trade Bitcoin, ethereum and other digital currencies on iPhone or Android app. ❞
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 Lykee is a trading application for Cryptocurrencies run by Lykee corp which is based out of Zurich. Lykee is a marketplace to trade Crypto assets and other instruments using colored coin protocol on Blockchain. Lykee exchange is compatible with any blockchain. 

Lykee was founded by Richard Olsen. Befor Lykee Olsen founded OANDA( Olsen and associates) which is a forex trading platform.

In the words Richard Olsen Lykee is a global marketplace of Cryptocurrencies with a matching engine which enables efficient price discovery

Lykee runs a mobile wallet with both iOS and Android application which enables trading in Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum on the Lykee exchange. Please note Lykee is not a decentralized exchange.

Lykee exchange started with some of the major coins and also trading Lykee Coins. Colored coin protocol allows any tokens listed security on the blockchain in the form of a digital token.

What is a Lykke Wallet

Lykee is a multisignature wallet with 2 factor authentication with private keys .Lykee wallet helps you store cryptocurrency this mobile wallet is linked to Lykke exchange which you can use to trade Cryptocurrencies and other assets.

There is no fee to use Lykke wallet and and has zero commissions on trade.Lykee wallet can be linked to your bank account to transfer money.