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❝ Loopring is a Decentralized Exchange and Open Protocol ❞
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As the crypto revolution takes place, we are being promised a decentralized world for all applications and products. While applications are becoming decentralized most of the exchanges are still centralized which comes with all the risks with all centralized systems like theft or susceptibility to hacking as has happened with multiple exchanges across the world.

Loopring is basically an open protocol for token exchange for decentralized exchanges. Currently Loopring works on Ethereum exchange and supports all ERC20 tokens. Loopring will help build interoperability between different ERC20 tokens on Ethereum DAPP platform. The exchange trades between different tokens are executed by Ethereum smart contracts which any of the application in the Ethereum ecosystem can plug into and get the coins.

Where to buy Loopring tokens

Loopring tokens can be bought on following exchanges

  1. hitBTC
  2. Binance

How to buy Loopring token

Decred is currently available as a BTC pair. You can buy loopring token in exchange for Bitcoin.

  1. As with all BTC paired currencies first step is to buy BTC
  2. Head to an exchanges which supports BTC-Loopring  pair(Currently Binance and hitBTC support)
  3. Transfer your Bitcoins to the exchange
  4. Exchange BTC with Loopring tokens
  5. Transfer your Decred to the wallet.

Loopring Team  

Loopring core team consists of Daniel Wang, Zay Zhou and Johnston Chen. Some of the other key members of the community and advisers are listed below  

Loopring Backers

Loopring is backed by following important entities

  1. QTUm foundation
  2. Sequoia DB
  3. Chainfunder
  4. Token capital
  5. Neo Council
  6. ICO365
  7. Fintech blockchain group

Key Resources for Loopring

  1. Github : https://github.com/loopring
  2. Twitter : https://twitter.com/loopringorg
  3. Medium : https://medium.com/@loopring
  4. Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/loopring/