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❝ Lisk is an open source blockchain platform. which can be used to create blockchain applications as side chains. ❞
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 What is Lisk?

Lisk is a cryto-currency as well as Javascript based app platform operating on the decentralised block-chain mechanism. Lisk utilizes Delegated Proof of Stake algorithm originally backed by BitShares. The symbol that represents the Lisk is LSK. The total supply of Lisk tokens is $100 million plus the forging (reward for creating a new block).The share of ICO participants comprises to nearly 85% of the total share.

Lisk provides 2nd passphrase security along with the multi-signature support. The block-time target for Lisk remains 10 seconds.The utitlity of the Lisk is immense as the applications can be developed in diverse range, be it messenger, gaming, social networking or other utility applications. 


History and founders of Lisk

Lisk is a hard fork that emerged out of Crypti. It raised the funds of about $5.8 million through initial coin offering to operate its affairs after parting its way from the Crypti.  It was founded by Max Kordek and Olivier Beddows.

How is Lisk different from Ethereum?

1. In Lisk dApps (Decentralised Apps) are built on side-chains whereas in case of Ethereum, the dApps are built on the main blockchain.

2. Lisk does not offer smart contract network like Ethereum.

3. Lisk is written in Javascript whereas Ethereum is processed in Solidity.

Best Lisk Wallets:

LiskWallet (Official Wallet)

Lisk Nano (Skeptical)


How to buy Lisk?

The access to the LSK tokens is currently possible against the alternate crypto-coin like Bitcoin or Ethereum. After the successful registration in one of the exchange listed below, the Lisk can easily be exchanged for a given source and be secured in a wallet.

The only fiat currencies in exchange of which its trade is permissible are: Japanese Yen and Chinese Yuan.

Best Lisk Exchanges:








Key Competitors of Lisk:




Important points on Lisk

· The bifurcated block-chain makes it much more scalable and flexible in comparison to the other crypto-currencies.

· Lisk has been made operational in a pre-established computer language (Javascript) unlike Ethereum that choose to come up with its unique language (Solidity).

Disadvantages of Lisk:

· Lisk in the process of developing and has not been able to generate a huge customer base and decentralise application regime like its counterpart Ethereum.