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❝ Komodo(KMD) started as a digital open source cryptocurrency. It has now transformed into a multi-purpose blockchain solution. ❞
Market Cap

$ 76.12M

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$ 118.7M

Max Supply

$ 200M

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Komodo is a decentralized open source cryptocurrency which was forked from Zcash and is essentially a re-branded version of  already existing Bitcoin Dark. Both Bitcoin Dark and Komodo were developed by the same developer. Komodo uses Zcash zero knowledge proofs with a new consensus mechanism called DPOW (delayed proof of work). Komodo currency is the official currency of the supernet platform.

Komodo lately has transitioned into a general purpose block chain solution where you can start your own blockchain, launch an ICO

Key Features of Komodo

1. Komodo started as a opensource digital currency  for private,fungible and anonymous transactions. It was forked from Zcash initially

2. Komodo has since morphed into an end to end blokchain solution. Komodo blockchain provides solution like setting up your private blockchain, launching an ICO and other of the shelf blockchain capabilities

3. Komodo blockchain uses delayed proof of work using bitcoin blockchain.

4. Komodo blockchain costs due to DPOW is less than bitcoin.

5. Delayed proof of work is an in house protocol developed by Komodo team. Delayed proof work provides additional security and fastens transactions processing. DPOW consensus algorithm notarizes the block on the blockchain so few nodes act as notary ( 64 pre-selected ) act as notary and confirm transactions.

6. Komodo Coins (KMD) is the fuel/currency which powers the Komodo platform

Komodo coins Details 

 1. Total supply of the coins : 200 Million (Fixed)

2.  Total pre-mined coins : 100 milion 

3.  ICO Distribution : 90 million

4. Coins secured by team for development and marketing : 10 million

5.  100 million will be mined with Proof of work Algorithm 

6. ICO happened between October to November 2016 and about 2639 BTCs were raised for the ICO

7. Annual revenue for Komodo holders Annual percentage Rate (APR) : 5 %


Komodo team is reclusive and uses only Pseudonyms. Main developer goes with pseudonym jl777