ICOS is a platform that supports those projects with huge potential but is underfunded to launch its own ICO with support from professional expert while reducing the cost.

Market Cap
Current Supply
$ 505.9k
Max Supply
24hr Volume


ICOS is a project which seeks to conduct ICOs of projects that have potential but are truly underfunded. ICOS brings in the professional expert in handling ICOs, right from technical evaluation, legal implication and marketing solutions of projects while reducing the overall cost of conducting ICOs.

The services are offered through ICOBox that aims to stabilize the ICO market through mass ICO campaign production, thus facilitating decentralization and diversification.


Launching an ICO is a very resource intensive process for the project developers and engaging external ICO experts increases the expenses significantly. Conducting an ICO requires specialised expertise such as developing a book building platform from scratch, writing a smart contract, developing the legal concept, amassing the information on marketing channels which the development team usually not well versed with. And, this also shifts the focus of the team from core process to making an ICO successful.


ICOS's ICOBox is a software as a service (SaaS) product in which all standard ICO
elements are automated and simplified. Each element of the ICO process is supervised by experts in respective component fields to get the project in a shortest possible time and at the lowest cost while eliminating the need for an external agency to manage on their project.

What ICOBox Offers

ICOBox has a unique market offering and first, of a type that is positioned on both sides of the market i.e, the party conducting ICOs and a token holder. ICOBox as a company reserves the right to buy tokens of other ICOs also. ICOBox offers all the three essential ICO components under the standard model.

Technology Solution 

  • Smart contract
  • Smart contract management system
  • Book building platform
  • Consultations by developers on setting up the technology tools

Legal Solution

  • Development of legal concept, Whitepaper and landing page
  • Legal documents including token purchase agreement, terms of use and privacy policy
  • Legal consultations with experienced external attorneys in supporting ICOs

Marketing Solution

  • Designing marketing strategy comprising over 70 tactics for making potential impact across the investor class
  • Social media marketing package
  • Bounty programme set up to conduct marketing campaigns in 25 languages
  • Consultation by marketing experts on strategic deployment of marketing tools

Token Details

Its token ICOS is an ERC-20 based Ethereum token and has no hard cap on the supply. ICOS ensure transparency across the platform through its token. The holder gets the real-time access to ICO statistics on all completed ICOs.

ICOS through its ICO has raised $14,945,400  in the token sale ended September 15th, 2017. The holder of ICOS tokens has the following rights

Right to Vote: The token grants the holder one vote which can be used at the holder discretion to select and vote for new ICO project. If the holder owns fractions of the coin, then the token doesn't grant any voting rights.

Right to Comment: Token holder enjoys the right to comment on ICO projects which applied for ICO through the ICOS platform and can comment on any number of projects regardless of their number of tokens.

Right to exchange ICOS token for new ICO projects: The token holders enjoy the right to exchange their coins for such new ICO projects. A set amount of tokens are placed in the ICOS platform at a discount.

How ICOS Covers Cost

Initially, the cost of launching an ICO for any project will be covered from the funds raised by selling ICOS token. Each project that raises funds through ICOS platform will give a set number of tokens to the ICOS platform, where ICOS token holders will exchange for the token of a new ICO project of their choice. The number of tokens a project allocate depends on the range of services required for conducting ICO.

Key Links

Website: https://icos.icobox.io/

Whitepaper: https://icos.icobox.io/WhitePaper.pdf