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❝ Hshare/Hcash is a new type of cryptocurrency which supports both blockchain and blockless based technology. Users can able to receive and send multiple cryptocurrency using a single wallet while keeping the transactions private. ❞
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Hshare is a  pre-launch value token which is transferable at a 1:1 ratio for Hcash after launch. Hence, Hshare and Hcash are both same coins.

Hcash is a new type of cryptocurrency that allows values to transferred securely among blockchain and blockchain-less cryptocurrencies. In addition, the system is quantum resistance and also supports private transactions and DAO governance.

How it Works

Hcash system simplifies the transfer of values between different blockchains nad block-less cryptocurrencies, thus eliminating the need to use an exchange service. Lets' get into detail, how this system works.

There are other cryptocurrencies in the market which are not based on the blockchain, like IOTA and Byteball which uses directed acyclic graph (DAG) cryptography to create a network and verify the transactions.

Hcash seeks to develop a cross-chain compatible by operating as a side chain for both block and non-blockchain cryptocurrencies. It has developed two concurrent networks, one which is blockchain based and the other which is non-blockchain based. These networks will offer address which is interoperable with other cryptocurrencies, meaning one can send or receive any cryptocurrency with a single Hcash wallet.

With operating in two concurrent networks, the system also needs to overcome the privacy barriers. For this Hcash developed two types of wallet address: white and black. The white address can be viewed publicly and the black address is restricted for private use.

In order to implement privacy across transactions, the zero-knowledge proof system has been implemented. This system masks the identity of the user by using advanced cryptography while verifying the transactions between the two trustless parties.

Key Features

Quantum Resistance: One of the biggest threat to the cryptocurrency network is from quantum computing, which can surpass the present computing power. The Hcash's code has been developed to be quantum resistance from the beginning. It utilizes new transaction signatures and iterative hashes to limit the influence of quantum computers over the network.

Hybrid proof of work (POW) & proof of stake (POS) for DAO governance: A cryptocurrency system depends on proof of work or proof of stake to create new blocks. Hcash aims to implement hybrid POW/POS system to maximize computational power and user engagement in the network. POW will provide an incentive to the miner and on the other hand, POS will provide an incentive to the average user to stay engaged.

Hcash will use this system to enable voting, hence creating a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) that will govern Hcash. Voting power will depend on the stake of the users.

Founder and History

Hcash has started its operation in Q3 of 2017 and is based out of Melbourne, Australia. Its CEO is Dallas Brooks and CTO is Khal Achkar. Hcash has some support from the Universities across Australia and China. It has successfully concluded its ICO, a largest to date in Australia and raised close to $40 million in Bitcoin between June 28 and July 15.

Some Key Data

Total Supply: 84 million of which 42 million is divided across networks

  • 21 million tokens: Created via Proof of Work (PoW)
  • 21 million tokens: Created via Proof of Stake (PoS)
  • 21 million tokens:  Issued during the ICO period
  • 12.6 million tokens: Issued during pre-ICO sales
  • 4.2 million tokens each has been reserved for the      development team and for Hcash DAO

How to Buy Hcash/Hshare Coins (HSR)

In order to buy HSR coins, one needs to download the wallet from Hcash website and setup the wallet successfully and secure your private key. One need to purchase Bitcoin in order to facilitate purchase of HSR coins. If you hold it beforehand, then proceed to buy HSR tokens from any of the exchange listed below.


  • HCash Wallet  (https://h.cash/#home)


Currently, 21 exchanges support HCash coins which are listed on the website. Some of them are:

  • Binance
  • ZB COM
  • OKEX
  • ALL Coin
  • Cool Coin
  • U Coin
  • Top BTC.co,
  • Cryptopia
  • Hash Token


Hshare/Hcash is a new type of cryptocurrency which supports both blockchain and blockless based technology. Users of Hcash can receive and send multiple cryptocurrency using a single wallet with key advantage of keeping the transactions private.

Key Resources and Links

  • Official Website: https://h.cash/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/HcashOfficial?lang=en
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HcashOfficial/
  • Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/H_cash/
  • Whitepaper: https://h.cash/