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❝ Golem is the world's first decentralised supercomputer built using the combination idle computational power and can be accessed by anyone from rendering to research to running website in a decentralised way at much less cost. ❞
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Golem is global, decentralised network of supercomputer that can be accessed by anyone. The network is made up of a combination of unutilized computing power, from personal computers, laptops to entire datacentres. It provides users with the power to compute any types project from running research projects to running websites in a completely decentralised and inexpensive way.

The Golem network promotes the culture of sharing economy where anyone can make money from renting out the unutilized computer power to developing and selling software.

How Golem Functions

The Golem Network consists Nodes and Actors in which actors represents one or more type i.e Requestor, Providers and Software Providers.

The system has two kinds of user, those who use the network (Requestors) and those who provide service or computational power to the network (Providers) in exchange for Golem tokens (GNT). Providers are required to make their machines into a node on Golem network and allow them to use machine's processing power and storage space. Providers to the network have two options on how to use the network.

Easy Setup: Under this option, the user doesn't need to get into the much technical details of disk space, processor cores. The user simply needs to the adjust the slider under the Resource view and allocate a percentage of machine's power to the network.

Advanced Setup: This option is suitable for those users who have the knowledge of the usage of exact computational power. Advanced tab lets the users allocate the combination of RAM, processor cores and disk space accordingly. For instance, a user can allocate maximum computational power over the Night period and reduce it to a smaller part over the day when you need your machine.

A node or external entity which provides proprietary software can also be used in the Golem network in exchange for GNT tokens. Golem uses Ethereum bases smart contracts to clear the payments between the actors of the network,

Use Cases of Golem

Computer Graphics: Golem can distribute the task of rendering CGI, doing in minutes that would take days and cheaper than anything else

Business: From big data analysis to predictive analysis, Golem can speed up the business computation at much lower cost.

Machine Learning: The Golem network can be used in Artifical Intelligence (AI) application which provides speed and flexibility.

Cryptography: It can run the world's first and largest fully decentralized cryptocurrency mining pools and also help with cryptography work like integer factorization.

Science: The world of science can benefit immensely from inexpensive and easy access to a powerful supercomputer.

Microservices: The Golem application registry can run countless types of decentralized microservices and dapps, which anyone will be able to develop and share.

These are the tip of the iceberg of Golem's potential and will enable more technologies accessible at much lower costs.

Key Features

It is the world's first and truly decentralised network of supercomputers, creating a global market computational power at much less cost

It enables both applications owners and individual users (requestors) to rent out resources of other user's machine (providers) in the network

Token Details

  • Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 GNT tokens
  • Crowdfunding: 820,000,000 (82%)
  • Golem team: 60,000,000 (6%)
  • Golem Factory GmbH: 120,000,000 (12%)

Key People

  • Julian Zawistowski, CEO, Founder
  • Piotr Viggith Janiuk, CTO, Co-Founder
  • Andrzej Regulski, COO, Co-Founder
  • Aleksandra Skrzypczak, Lead Software Engineer, Co-Founder


Golem is the world's first decentralised supercomputer built using the combination idle computational power and can be accessed by anyone from rendering to research to running a website in a decentralised way at much less cost.

Key Links

Website: https://golem.network

White Paper: https://golem.network/doc/Golemwhitepaper.pdf