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❝ Gnosis is decentralized prediction marketing platform in simple words Gnosis enables forecasting of decidable ( happen or not happens) possible. ❞
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Gnosis is a decentralized prediction market platform built on ethereum blockchain. Gnosis offer prediction market as a service which you can use to build forecasting or prediction apps. Gnosis is building tools where you can convert all the human captured information as well as AI built information into a single number. 

Typical Applications that can run on Gnosis Platform

1.  Financial market predictions

2.  Price discovery of artwork

3. Insurance products for any scenario

4.  Market base governance

5. Gamification of Celebrity gossip 

Gnosis Founding team

Gnosis was founded by  Martin Koeppelmann and Stefan George. The duo who previously founded and built, a centralized Bitcoin prediction market 

Key Differences between Augur and Gnosis 

One of the key difference between Augur and Gnosis is that in Augur outcomes are determined by actual  individual votes while in case of Gnosis  they use decentralized oracles.