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❝ A cryptocurrency specifically developed for the gaming industry that facilitates in-game payments on a global scale and also to help in the growth of the gaming industry. ❞
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The GameCredits is a universal digital currency developed for the gaming industry to facilitate in-game payments on a global scale as well as for payments to developers and gamers. It is built with the secure blockchain technology and is a technical clone of Litecoin before Segwit with some adjustment to suit the gaming requirements.

GAME is the official symbol for the cryptocurrency.

How GameCredits Functions

The GameCredits is conceived as to become the universal currency for 2.6 billion gamers worldwide and also to empower this $100 billion gaming industry to grow further. It gives the developers an option of plug n' play free in-game monetization platform.

The GameCredit has built the entire platform on blockchain including the GameCredits player wallet, payment and tracking system API and the GameHub. It creates a new payment system for the gaming industry replacing the payouts in fiat currencies. GameCredits is targeting the boom in the gaming industry over the next 20 years and transforming the development of games through cryptocurrency.

All the transactions in GameCredits are completed within 90 seconds compared with the standard bank transfers which take up to 2-3 days of processing. Blockchain enables the transaction to be executed more fast, secure while maintaining the anonymity. Developers who accept GameCredits enjoys several benefits, such as:

  • Reduced revenue fees by up to 20 percent
  • Instant credit of funds into wallet
  • Eliminates Chargebacks
  • Increases gamer deposit limits

And, on the top of that, GameCredits share 90 percent of the revenue with developers unlike in Google Play and IOS which charges up to 30 percent in fees.

Key Features

For Developers

High Processing Speeds: The proprietary payment system is built on Big Data Technologies using Hbase and Hadoop which is extremely fast.

Scalable: Capable to manage tens and millions of users simultaneously without any problem.

Blockchain Security: Transactions are done on blockchain wallet solution where every transaction can be verifiable.

Cross-Promotion: All the games using GameCredits Inc. infrastructure can cross-promote with each other games.

For Gamers

Seamless and Easy Integration: Frictionless in-games payments thus eliminating the need to punch in card details every time.

Higher Deposit Limit: No restriction on deposit limit and gamers can deposit as many funds they want in GameCredits wallet.

Purchase Power: Gamers will be incentivized to use GameCredits (GAME) to purchase in-game items.

Increasing Value: The value sets to increase as the more gamers and developers adopt it. Early adopter will get more purchase power

Transferability: With the GameCredits wallet, credits earned in one game can be used in another game.

Gamers can also invest their GameCredits in developing game projects or trade with other cryptocurrencies.

Founder and History

GameCredits launched on Feb 18th, 2014 and began its operation in 2016. It is co-founded by Nebojsa Maksimovic and Aleksandar Mihajlovic and the platform is led by its CEO, Sergey Sholom.

Key Data

Total Supply: 84 million

Block Time: 90 seconds

Difficulty Retargets: Every block

Block Reward: 25 GAME


  • Poloniex
  • Bittrex
  • Allcoin
  • Yuanbao
  • Cryptopia
  • BTSR
  • Bitsquare
  • Boxbase
  • Livecoin
  • Jubi
  • OpenLedger


  • GameCredits Wallet

How to Buy GAME Coins

GameCredits can be purchased using VISA, Mastercard, PayPal, Text2Pay and will be credited instantly into the wallet which can be used in-games payments.

GameCredits can also be purchased or traded from any of the mentioned exchanges using Bitcoin to convert it to GAME coins.


A cryptocurrency specifically developed for the gaming industry that facilitates in-game payments on a global scale and also to help in the growth of the gaming industry.

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