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❝ Dragonchain is a hybrid blockchain platform that simplifies the development and deployment of blockchain technology with the business application without changing the existing development stack or programming languages, ❞
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The Dragonchain (DRGN) project is an attempt to simplify the process of integration of business application and blockchain technology. The platform enables companies quick and easy incorporation of blockchain into their business applications without changing its existing development stack like Java, C++, and Python. Originally developed by a team of Disney's Seattle based office in 2015 and 2016 and the project was later handed over to a non-profit corporation in January 2017, The Dragonchain Foundation.

The platform delivers its value from its unique combination of serverless (cloud computing) and blockchain technologies. It makes the Dragonchain platform, truly secure and highly scalable blockchain applications in real-world use cases.

It token DRGN is an ERC20 standard token and used to interact with different components of the platform.


The present structure of Blockchain technology is very rigid and cannot to be implemented in large scale by any organisations.

Security on Blockchain Platform: One of the most unrecognized risks associated with blockchain technology is of public exposure. All the data stored in the public ledger can be accessed by anyone on the platform. And, keeping business logic on the public blockchain is a significant risk for any organization.

Skill Set Challenge: Leveraging the blockchain technology on real business applications is a very expensive and risky affair for any business house. Reskilling workers on the relatively new technology and integrating it into the business application can be very expensive and also chances of missing the targets by large deviations are very high.

How Does Dragonchain Work

Dragonchain assists developers to rapidly deploy blockchain application without changing the existing programming language, which provides a tremendous costing and speed to market advantage. The transactions are approved upon five levels of network consensus to provide a spectrum of trust to data consumers, making it a most flexible blockchain platform in the market. 

The Dragonchain network consists of three key components:

  • The Dragonchain Platform
  • The Dragonchain Marketplace
  • The Dragonchain Crowd-Scaled Incubator

The Dragonchain Platform: The platform can be considered as the critical point of the network that stores and secures business-client data. The platform enables developers to create and store smart contracts in common programming languages with access to Amazon Web Services, a provider of on-demand cloud computing platforms. 

The DragonChain Marketplace: This act as a support system for the users of Dragonchain ecosystem where they get access to verified subject matter experts on topics like crypto, marketing and software development. Here, clients can also have the access to the library of pre-developed smart-contracts.

The Dragonchain Crowd-Scaled Incubator: The incubator facilitates businesses and clients to easily develop their blockchain projects by following a DragonChain’s standardized process. The "crowd scaled" aspect of the incubator means, developers can develop the blockchain project in the incubator and then can have it reviewed and scaled at a later stage by people/investor from all over the world. 

This process significantly reduces the resources consumed and can have a much quicker turnaround time and starts producing market value much quicker.

Key Features

  • The system is a combination of serverless system and blockchain application which reduces concentration.
  • Lower cost of development: Clients don't need to migratea to new platform to deploy blockchain application and have established support for existing programming language that includes Java, Python, Node, C#, Go, etc.
  • Faster speed to market: A scalable model through Amazon AWS and Google Deployments
  • High-level of security: A highly secure platform that protects business data to get shown in public blockchain
  • Boasts Advanced currency implementations, smart contract library and is currency agnostic

Key Links

Website: https://dragonchain.com/

Whitepaper: https://dragonchain.com/dd6d7a464346349a6659b8c1075e6772.pdf