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❝ Dimcoin is a cryptocurrency built on NEM Blockchain. It consists of Dimcoin which is a speculative currency and ❞
Market Cap

$ 2.098M

Current Supply

$ 8.986B

Max Supply

$ 9B

24hr Volume






Dimcoin is the Cryptocurrency of the DIM ecosystem. Dimcoin is built on NEM protocal. Total supply of Dimcoins is pegged at 9 billion

DIM (Data Interchange Module) ecosystem provides multiple services some of them are summarized below

1.  Decentralized stock exchange trading 

2.  Equity Cryptonisation( securitisation)

3. Equity Trading

4. Crypto to fiat exchange 

5. Ecommerce 

6. Debit cards and fiat exchanges 

The other part of the DIM cryptocurrency is Dim currency. Dim currency is pegged to fiat currencies and is tied to the assets inside the DIM ecosystem

Dimcoins is the currency of the ecosystem. The current roadmap multiple use cases for Dimcoins. Here is a short summary 

1. Dimcurrencies part of Depot Wallet debit cards which you can use to make retail purchases 

2. Dimcurrencies can be used for online commerce with merchants that accept DIM currencies

Key Elements of DIM ecosystem

1.  Dimcoin Foundation : Dimcoin foundation takes care of creation, distribution and management of DIMs.

2. Depotwallet: Depotwallet is the wallet for securely holding Dimcoins. you can buy, sell and hold your Dimcoins in Depot wallet 

3. HYBSE: It will be an alternate trading platform where SMEs and other company can issue equity which can be traded using DIM Currencies

DIM Team

 Roelf Barnard — Chief Financial Advisor

Katarina Katic — Chief Financial Officer

Andre Heydenrych — Compliance Advisor

Stanley Luvhani — Compliance Officer Manager

Anne Mercy Minyaho — Operations Advisor

Uros Trajkovic — Public Relations Manager