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❝ Digital Cash(DASH) is a P2P Cryptocurrency which you can use instantly and privately to make digital payments ❞
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$ 18.9M

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Dash popularly known as digital cash is created with a view to intertwine the global economy in terms of sending and receiving digital cash at a click. Keeping the State interference at the periphery, Dash endorses a decentralised system, which is a peer to peer network.

It is an alternate coin with respect to the other crypto currencies that has introduced few alterations over the Bitcoin like enhanced privacy and faster transactions. To be precise, it enables 28 transactions per second with a block size of 1 megabyte. Dash is destined to maintain a total supply of 18 million coins. The protocol followed by the Dash is Proof of Work (POW).

What makes Dash a preferred option?

Dash makes Cryptocurrency mainstream by making it customer friendly to use.Dash Evolution is an initiative that removes the hindrances of being a tech buff and caters a user friendly platform to employ the use of Dash.

How is Dash different from Bitcoin?

The miners in case of Bitcoin constitute a single community as a whole which handle the entire functioning from the mining of the coin to the creation of blockchain. The occurrence with the Dash is not the same. It operates on a two tier structure where the functions like creation of blockchain is managed by the miners but the rest of governance and other features like PrivateSend/InstantSend are handled by the masternodes.

What is a Masternode?

Masternode is a computer network where the eligibility is to have minimum of 1000 dash to be a part of it. Dash offers various rewards in return along with the exclusive rights to perform certain functions.

History and founders of Dash

Dash was originally denoted as XCoin in the year 2014, subsequently got changed to Darkcoin and finally got termed as Dash. Dash was created by Evan Duffield. 

What are the advantages of Dash?

· The PrivateSend feature of Dash allows a transaction that is impossible to track restoring utmost privacy.

· The InstantSend feature of Dash allows a faster transaction with respect to its peers.

· The economic incentives are far more superior along with a nominal transaction fee.

Downside of Dash:

· The concept of master node gives a centralisation arrangement.

· The privacy is enabled with the mixing of master nodes that can be unwind eventually.

· The innovation is limited with respect to its operation and facilities.

Who are the key competitors of the Dash?

The key players standing in competition with the Dash are:

· Bitcoin

· Monero

· Zcash

· Ripple

· Cumberland Mining

How to buy Dash?

Dash is available against the cash, credit card and other crypto coins. Though, a preferred mode is to trade the Bitcoin for the Dash from the popular exchanges like Changelly, Shapeshift etc and transfer the coins in the desired wallet.

Dash Wallets:

Desktop Wallets

· Dash Core Win/64 Installer

· Dash Core Win/64 Zip

· Jaxx

· Exodus

Hardware Wallets

· KeepKey

· Ledger Nano S

· Trezor

Mobile Wallets

· Jaxx

· Coinomi

· Dash Wallet by Hash Engineering

Paper Wallets

· Dash Core Paper Wallet

Dash Exchanges

· Changelly

· Bitfinex

· Kraken

· Bitrex

· HitBTC


· Poloneix


· Shapeshift