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❝ Cryptnex is a new global cryptocurrency created on its own blockchain and its main aim is to offer exchange of any world fiat currency with any cryptocurrency. ❞
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Cryptonex is a global blockchain acquiring platform that is created on its own blockchain technology. Its main aim is to offer an instant exchange of any world currency for any cryptocurrency and help people buy goods and services using mobile applications and payment cards with a minimum commission.

With its Proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism, the transactions on the chain are very secure and are completed within a couple of seconds. The holders of CNX token can keep their wallet online for the amount of time they want. The holders receive profits with PoS mining yield of 12 percent plus the commission received from the transactions that your wallet confirms.

Services Offered by Cryptonex

Conversion: Cryptonex's online web wallet will allow storage of CNX, BTC and Ether tokens which will further facilitate instant conversion at the back-office itself, helping users to avoid long-standing queue which happens on many exchanges.

Cryptocurrencies: Cryptonex will add to acquiring long-standing, dynamically developing and the most popular cryptocurrencies in its web wallet.

Mining Pools: After users successfully connect to third-party mining pool, they will be able to get rewards into the web wallet and employ all the features like making purchases in store.

API: Blockchain and other internet services can be used accordingly for their purposes by connecting high-speed acquiring API.

Payment System: Due to instant conversion at the back-office level, users instantly get access to funds which can be used to carry out payments and transaction between accounts. Further, a mobile application has been launched that will functionas the web wallet and contactless payments.

Key Features

Reliability: Cryptonex uses algorithm scrypt that offers highly reliable and secure platform preventing its wallet from external hacking.

Importance: It offers users with new opportunities while uniting the whole blockchain community.

Speed: Cryptonex uses PoS consensus algorithm which helps to complete transactions within seconds.

Stability: Cryptonex platform is highly stable as it is supported by an extensive network of nodes located worldwide.

Thus, Cryptonex accumulated traffic from local bitcoins, exchanges while facilitating deposit/withdrawal and exchange procedures. And, also combines financial flow in blockchain helping to create new opportunities for the blockchain community growth.

Coin Specification

Cryptonex has fixed a total supply of 210 million coins which is considered to optimal for a healthy circulation. Of the total supply, 85 million coins are allocated for free circulation via pre-sale, 15 million coins will be used for bounty programme and the Cryptonex team owns 5 million coins. The 100 million coins will provide liquidity while acquiring.

The Cryptonex ICO was successfully completed on 30th September 2017, in which it raised a total of $17 million from over 5000 participants reconfirming its values as a platform and solution to blockchain problems.


Winter 2017-18: Launch of mobile applications for Android and IoS mobile devices.

Spring 2018: Launch of hardware wallet development and sale to all interested people and a Bank purchase in Singapore.

Summer 2018: Final stages of acquiring development and additions to cryptocurrencies and token acquiring.

Autumn 2018: Beta Testing and addition to acquiring via banks

Winter 2018-19: Acquiring launch


Cryptonex is based in Switzerland and is created by an international team of Financial Investment Group which mainly specialises in software development for financial markets. Cryptonex is founded by Pavel Kalinin is the Founder & Managing Director of Cryptonex. 

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