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❝ CoinDash is a next-generation cryptocurrency trading platform that helps users to create, manage and track blockchain assets in one place accurately and seamlessly ❞
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CoinDash is a social trading platform for crypto assets that aims to reduce the barriers to enter the crypto investment markets by providing tools and services that make interacting, handling, and trading crypto assets accessible to everyone. The Coindash products will be offered through a unified platform designed to suit the needs of mainstream users.

CoinDash describes itself as an operating system for crypto assets that helps to create and maintain a winning portfolio of cryptocurrencies. Its portfolio tracking service is an intersection between investor tools, social networking and a marketplace for cryptocurrencies and ICOs. It lets the user manage their crypto portfolio in a simple format and also allows to copy strategies of other successful crypto traders.


The market for crypto assets and investment has grown manifold time in the year 2017, with Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies witnessed a surreal increase in its market cap. But in recent times, the market has witnessed a sharp drop in the share of market capitalization from 95 percent to 37 percent, indicating other non-bitcoin crypto assets are gaining popularity.

Increased interest and media coverage of blockchain technology has attracted many people into this ecosystem but with high technological barriers and cost to entry is a deterrent to most blockchain products. Barriers include managing, investing, and interacting with trading platforms that discourage inexperienced traders to enter this spa

How CoinDash Works

CoinDash (CDT) is an ERC20 standard token and is compatible with Ethereum blockchain and in the time to come, it plans to support all smart contract blockchains in regards to social trading. CoinDash is available on both mobile apps and web version and consists of three synergistic component that addresses the future need of crypto investors.

  • Software-as-a-Services (SaaS): CoinDash's SaaS layer includes an array of independent and self-contained tools, custom designs for managing and interacting with crypto assets. CoinDash's analytics provides users with deep insight into the performance of their investments that allows them to make data-driven decisions.
  • Social Network: The social interaction is a very important aspect of any ecosystem, and as the crypto is relatively at its initial stages and still not mature, social network helps to reduce the barriers to entry and follow strategies of experienced crypto players.
  • Marketplace: The data produced by the SaaS and network layers helps to discover investment opportunities and streamline trading UX. Some of the features like real-time trading signals with price tables, trending assets and 3rd party integration.

Key Features

  • Portfolio Management: CoinDash offers analytics and automated insights of portfolio and investment choices helping investors with the most difficult part of trading cryptocurrencies.
  • Trader Network: Its social network allows the amateur trader to follow pro level traders and track their portfolio level activities and allows copying their trading strategies with a feature "copy trade".
  • Marketplace: With its deep insight produced by SaaS, it helps to explore new cryptocurrency investment opportunities like trending cryptocurrencies and ICO information.

CoinDash Token

The CDT token will be used by users to get access to the platform feature and those users who profit from the use of CoinDash feature will also be rewarded with CDT tokens.

Founders and History

CoinDash is an Israeli blockchain startup founded by Alon Muroch and Adam Efrima in 2016 with headquarters in Tel Aviv. Prior to CoinDash, Muroch co-founded Bitcoin Authenticator in 2014 and was head ios development at p2p payment solutions firm PayKey. During its ICO process, CoinDash suffered a huge setback as the systems were hacked and investment address was changed to a personal address in which hackers were successful in stealing $7 million in Ethereum. CoinDash managed to raise only $6.4 million total in the process

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