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❝ Cindicator is a hybrid intelligence platform that combines both human intelligence and machine learning to produce accurate predictions for financial asset management ❞
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Cindicator is a blockchain-based hybrid intelligence model, that combines the power of Artificial Intelligence with the opinions of human analysts for the better decision-making process. Cindicator combines a large number of diverse financial analyst and a set of machine learning models into a single system for efficient management of investor capital in both traditional financial market and the evolving crypto-markets.

With its token CND, holders can get access to different levels of Cindator's ratings, indicators and internal analytical products and also allows its member be to interact with each other by using CND as their token of value. 

How Does it Work?

The goal of the Cindicator platform is to create a functional and operational community that would contribute to the development of revolutionary infrastructure of Hybrid Intelligence. 

Cindicator model consists of two components: Machine Intelligence and Human Analysis, which helps users to forecast events more precisely. Cindicator's network consists of over 50,000 financial and market analyst from across the traditional financial market and cryptocurrency markets. Cindicator's AI model processes the analysts' predictions to deliver precise events forecast.

Cindicator's ecosystem is a trifold structure, first of professional analysts that provides the groundwork in form of analysis and are rewarded with CND tokens. Second is AI that builds a robust product on top of the groundwork given by the Analysts. And third, the token holders or users of Cindicator platform benefits from the work provided in the platform. 

How Cindicator' AI work

The AI system processes the predictions from the Collective Intelligence Platform and Machine Learning runs this raw data along with general market data generating thousands of predictive models of the movement of financial markets. 

To arrive at a conclusion, the AI system measures the confidence weight of each analyst. The confidence weight is calculated from the collective accuracy and track record of analyst's predictions. The predictive models that compare prediction likelihood are compared to other forecasters on the platform.

Cindicator's dynamic machine learning system is constantly evolving its prediction models to make the best use of raw data it collects through testing of multiple hypotheses and trading strategies to adapt the ever-changing markets. The Cindicator's AI and ML produce can be divided into two categories:

  1. Superforecasting Model
  2. Wisdom of the Crowd Model

The Superforecasting Model combines forecasters and their predictions into clusters based on the similarities of their predictions. Then AI analyzes the behavioural patterns in these groups such as error rates of analysts or how they react to a specific change in market trends.

In the Wisdom of the Crowd Model, Cindicator generates various models using predictions of all forecasters. The analysis is factored into a real-time analysis of market trends and robustness of each model is validated via their success rates.

Key Features

  • A Hybrid Intelligence system that combines the power of human intelligence and artificial intelligence to produce an accurate forecast of events.
  • It provides a diverse forecast for every important event that deals with the financial markets, newly evolved cryptocurrency market and political developments 
  • Provides a weighted average forecast from a large decentralised group of people mostly market analysts and apply it to decision-making. Decentralisation helps to remove the manipulation of forecasting data.

History & Roadmap

The idea of hybrid intelligence forecasting system for asset management was conceptualised in 2014 by  Mike Brusov,  Yuri Lobyntsev, and Artem Baranov. The first version was launched in December 2015. In November 2016, the Cindicator became a member of Microsoft’s BizSpark and in March 2017, it was listed in the Top-1 startup at the Moscow Stock Exchange accelerator. Through its ICO ended on 24th September 2017, it raised total $15 million.

According to a blog post by Cindicator, in 2018, it is planning to expand its data sources and reach of the HI market, in term of both adding analysts and internet sources using natural language processing (NLP) technology. It is also planning to conduct experiments on the formation and research of strategic decision-making systems with help of the Hybrid Intelligence ecosystem.

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