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❝ Byte Coin is an anonymous private digital currency based on Cryptonote technology. Bytecoin provides completely private digital transactions across the world ❞
Market Cap

$ 84.28M

Current Supply

$ 184.1B

Max Supply

$ 184.5B

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Bytecoin is one amongst the the long list of Digital currencies launched in last 3-4 years. Bytecoin is one of the first use private coin use case built on top of Cryptonote technology which allows for unmatched privacy and CPU based mining with its innovative Egalitarian Proof of Work algorithm. 

Bytecoin development happened independently from Bitcoin and other bitcoin forked currencies 

Apart from Bytecoin some of the other key coin projects which use Crptonote technology include 

1. Bytecoin (BCN)

2. Boolberry (BBR)

3. Dashcoin (DASH)

4. DarknetCoin (DNC)

5. FantomCoin (FCN)

6. Monero (XMR)

7. Pebblecoin (XPB)

8. Quazarcoin (QCN)


While Bytecoin was first to Cryptocurrency to work towards true anonymity it has been left behind by other players. Dashcoin and Monero ecosystems have grown exponentially and are amongst top 20 Cryptocurrencies by market cap. Bytecoin though early off the blocks has been left behind.

Key Specifications of Bytecoin 

1. Consensus Algorithm : POW ( Crypto Night)

2. Block Time : 2 minutes ( 120 seconds)

3. A bytecoin is divisible to 8th decimal 

4. Total Number of coins : 184.46 billion 


Key Controversies of Bytecoin

1. It has been alleged but not proven that Bytecoin were premined

2. None of the Bytecoin developers has come out in open and very secretive

3. It was also alleged the white paper was signed in a past date