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❝ Bread is a mobile app based bitcoin wallet which makes sending receiving and securing bitcoins simple. They also support ethereum,bitcoin cash and all ERC20 tokens. ❞
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Bread is a mobile app to buy, sell and save bitcoin. Bread is essentially a mobile app based bitcoin wallet. Bread is a modern bitcoin wallet which is trying to marry great security features with a modern, simple and intuitive UX. Bread wallet is the fastest growing Bitcoin wallet 

Bread app is expanding to not only handle bitcoin but ethereum, 

Bread app makes bitcoin accessible on your Android phone as well as IPhone.

Here are the Key Features of BreadApp

1. Best in class security: Breadapp provides best in class security for your bitcoins even in case your mobile phone is lost and you can always reclaim your wallet using private key.

2. Ease of Usage : Breadapp makes securing and sending your bitcoin super easy and intuitive with a simple UX so that some of the complexity happens behind the scenes.

3. Privacy Assured : Breadapp ensures top class privacy . It provides secure and private linkup to the bitcoin network and doesnot hold any information

4.  Easy to set up:  Bread wallet is easy to use and you can quickly set it up. Set up your PIN and set up a paper key and get started 

5. Bread Loyalty Programs : Bread loyalty program is based on bread tokens . If you use bread tokens you get access to premium features and exclusive discounts 

Bread Token 

Bread token is the favored currency of the bread platform. Bread tokens were distributed through the crowdsale in which about 32 million were raised .Bread tokens gives you excess to exclusive features and discounts on the bread platform. 

How to Buy Bread Token 

1. Bread token is listed on Binance.

2. You can exchange Bread token with Bitcoin or Ethereum 

3. So First you need to buy bitcoin or ethereum.

4. Transfer Bitcoins or ethereum to Binance 

5. Convert Bitcoins or Ethereum to Bread token.

6. You can similarly sell your Bread tokens on Binance , you would need to send