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❝ Bibox is a AI powered digital asset/cryptocurrency exchange ❞
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Bibox is China/Singapore based Digital asset/Cryptocurrency exchanges. Bibox token also called Bix is the fuel powering Bibox exchange.

Like most other cryptocurrency exchanges Bibox Exchange let's you trade in different cryptocurrencies. Bibox has been proactive in adding new currency pairs and new coins to the exchange creating liquidity for these coins.

Bibox follows two other big exchanges Kucoin and Binance based out of Greater China Area and who have had explosive growth in last 6 months.

Key Features and overview of Bibox Exchange

1. Bibox is a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange which offers tools built on AI for intelligent and efficient trading.

2. Bibox founders and leadership team comes from Huobi and Ok coin some of the established exchanges .

3. Like Bibox token is the fuel used on the bibox exchange. Bibox token gives you access to lower fees and lot of premium features on the bibox exchange.

4. Token Trading with Ether or Bitcoin pair

5. Like Binance which has built launchpad for  Support and promotion of ICO's on their Bibox 360 degree platform.

6. Upto 20 time leverage available for margin traders.

7 AI based robot trading advisor which has come for lot of criticism because of suboptimal implementation of trading bot

Key Pair trading Supported by Bibox exchange

1.  Ether Pairs

2. Bitcoin pairs 

3. USDT pairs 

4. DAI Pairs

Key things to worry about in Bibox exchange.

1. Legal structure of the foundation and where it is based not very clear

2. No clear details about the team and their expertise very generic information on big expertise in blockchain, security and finance but no specifics.

3. Not clear how they are using AI for making the exchange  intelligent .

4. No Clarity on security of the exchange

Bibox Exchange upcoming advanced Features 

1. Bibox platform plans to offer Spot trading, margin/leverage trading, security lending and contract lending  will offer spot trading, leverage trading

2. They are also planning to a list a security token which will be something innovative and unique.

3. Bibox plans to have a rigorous process and criteria for new tokens to be listed on the exchange.

4. New Features based on AI which will be premium features and available for fee which will traders automate trading 

5.Some other order types they plan to support in future include complex order system, conditional orders, TWAP, iceberg order etc.

Bibox ICO (BIX token)

1. BIX is the token released by bibox exchange.

2. It is an ERC 20 based token

3.  BIX can be used to pay exchange fee on Bibox and reduce your transaction cost by 50 %. you can also get a host of value added services with BIX coins

4.  Total of 500  million was offered in the ICO

5.  The split of token was as below 

     a) 55 % token sale

     b)  35 % team

     c) 10 % Angel funding

Utility of the Bibox token (Bix Token)

1. Bibox token will be used as a fee on the platform both as a listing fee if you want to list on the platform as well as for using the bibox decentralized platform inlcuding things like trading fee

2. Bibox tokens  will also give you access to premium features on the exchange platform.

3. Every year 25 % of the profits will be used to buy back Bix tokens and burn them until the total tokens reach a value of  200 million.

Bibox versus Kucoin versus Binance

Bibox, Kucoin and Binance are all similar exchanges and are based in China atleast the development teams though legally they are based in Singapore or Hong Kong. Look and feel of Bibox is exactly similar to Kucoin seems like they are using the same platform. So the key differentiator Bibox needs to build is in its Marketing and Product features.

To cover the gap Bibox needs to focus on a market segment and ensure they have the best features for the segment. Also they need to push the pedal on marketing as Kucoin and Binance are slowing down a little bit now.