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❝ Ark is a decentralized platform offering an ecosystem along with its crypto-currency. ❞
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$ 63.59M

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$ 142.3M

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Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS)




Diverted from the chain of Lisk, Ark is its fork that not only emerged with a sole idea of evolving into a crypto-currency but an entire ecosystem. The intention behind its invention remained to be of mass adoption in the coming times. 

Introducing a special feature of smart bridge it is build upon the delegated proof of stake ensuring the maintainability of decentralisation regime. It further offers a variety of tools and options extending from the physical cards to the Hypermedia Protocol platform. It is an alt-coin that justifies the features like scalability and security providing a competitive platform to its users. 

Features of Ark:

· Decentralised: Ark is a decentralised block-chain platform. 

· Smart Bridge: Having introduced an integrated block-chain, Ark is capable of generating smart contracts involving the transactions of other alt coins via Ark network. Meaning, the transaction of other alt-coins can be well recorded via Ark block-chain. 

· Optional Privacy: The facility of optional privacy is likely to be in existence very soon. Ark team is working upon the functionality of the maintaining the privacy based on personal choice.

History and Founders of Ark:
Ark is conceptualised by a team of eminent crypto researchers and enthusiast which were tentatively 30 in number. The developers responsible for its creation is said to have their belongingness from the France based entity called Lisk. It was initially planned as a fork of Lisk but lately ventured its own mainstream in May 2016.

Key Data:

Symbol: ARK
Market Cap: $79,984,430
Block-time: 8 seconds
Maximum Supply: 129,231,284 ARK
Circulating Supply: 96,870,158 ARK
Block Reward: 2 ARK
Proof: Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS)

How to buy Ark?
To get a grip of Ark coins, you need to possess a sound wallet to store the coins that are easily accessible from a number of exchanges. It is available against the fiat currencies like USD and Euros apart from the assorted crypto-coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc). Though, it is widely recommended to trade for the Alt coins post converting the actual currency into the Bitcoin/ Ethereum.

Checkout the list of Exchanges to that offer the merchandise of Ark coins!

Best Ark Exchanges:

· Bittrex (ARK/BTC)

· Binance (ARK/ BTC, ETH)

· Cryptopia (ARK/USD)

· (ARK/Euro)

· Coss (ARK/ BTC, ETH)

Best Ark Wallets:
The wallet being the most important string in the crypto currency regime must be chosen diligently after the detailed examination. The available wallet options for Ark are listed as under:  

· Ledger Nano S (Hardware Wallet)

· Ark Wallet (Desktop Wallet)

· Ark Lite Web Wallet

Key Competitors of Ark:


· Dimcoin

Key Advantages of Ark over other crypto-currencies:

· The Ark network carries a well managed fund named as Sustainability and Contingency Fund or ARK Shield that promises a great deal in building its future with it.

· Involvement of dedicated team behind its working is another plus that adds to its efficiency and certainty.

· The system of integrated block-chain for other crypto –currencies adds another feather in its hat.

· The other promising features like physical cards, game-tokens and other unique services to its customers.

· Ark is a much faster, safe and scalable crypto-currency that has made the planned moves by making the needful alterations and advancements in the block-chain technology.

Disadvantages of Ark:

· Lack of specialisation is one concern associated with it, as it engages in enumerable projects/areas at once that could potentially waver its focus. 

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