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❝ Ardor is a BAAS (blockchain as a service) platform. It competes with Ethereum and other blockchains as service platforms and uses child chains for self-deployment. ❞
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Ardor is a child chain platform built by team of developers which built the NXT platform. Ardor essentially brings some of the core NXT blockchain and Cryptocurrency technology mainstream by enabling  light chains to be built and quickly deployed on the platform. Light chains allow for customisable child chains to be deployed which can be deployed easily by individuals or private organisations. One of the biggest innovation of Ardor is to disengage some of the core security tasks which are handled by main blockchain.


Any Blockchain as a service platform like ethereum  suffer from 2 key problems which have not been resolved yet

1. Blockchain bloat

2. Blockchain scalablity

3. Making it easy to build blockchain applications

You can see how ethereum and bitcoin blockchains remain clogged perennially. If we need to build and support consumer applications and usecases on blockchains scale issue needs to be resolved.


The Solution Ardor provides to scalability is essentially a new Child Chain design implementation. In this new design Ardor is the main chain and and its chief role is to maintain security of the network all other features are implemented on child-chains

Ardor offers a  secure and easily deploy blockchain solutions that can scale. Ardor solves the problem of scalability by separating transaction data which can have security implications and data which does not have any security implications resulting in faster transaction processing and through put.

Ardor reduces cost of launching a blockchain application for individuals , startups and organisations 

Key Features

1. Scalable Platform

   One of the core problem Ardor is solving is scalability of blockchain platforms. Ardor design is intended to solve scalability issues 

2. Easy to Integrate and Launch Apps 

 Child chains take out the complexity of building and experimenting apps on blockchain by handling some of the important tasks through core blockchain.

3. Decentralised  Asset Exchange 

   Ardor uses NXT asset exchange to power asset exchanges on all the child chains. Any child chain token can be exchanged with any other child chain token on the      decentralised asset exchange. This enables cross chain asset exchanges and can foster greater innovation.

4. Decentralised Voting and Governance.

Decentralised voting model  available on NXT platform will be extended to Ardor as such Child chains will have access to anonymous and secure voting mechanisms.

5. Proof of Stake Consensus mechanism

6. Ability to launch ICOs and custom tokens 

Key Advantages of Ardor Platform

1. Built on Battle hardened NXT blockchain backbone by an experienced team 

2. Successful implementation of child chain allows an easy way to deploy your blockchain applications

3. Reduces  barriers and costs of deploying and integrating your applications on blockchain.