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❝ Amber coin is a cryptocurrency backed by shares in a real company Amber trade limited whose primary business is Amber mining and trading. ❞
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$ 160.9K

Current Supply

$ 43.7M

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Amber is a cryptocurrency which represents shares in a private company called Amber trade limited. Amber Trade LTD is an international holding headquartered in London. It unites a range of local companies specialising in extraction, storage, transportation, manufacturing and the sale of amber and items made from it

According to company intention behind Amber coins is to create the real time assets based on the block-chain technology. Amber Trade Ltd is an enterprise engaged in issuing the crypto shares having its head-quarters in London. It even converts the traditional shares into crypto shares and does not involve any additional step of submission of documents to the regulator. Amber follows a hybrid model of PoW and PoS. NASDAQ, a stock market exchange is closely associated with the Amber to bring in the required sync. Amber coin is a share in Amber Trade Ltd.

Stipulated Clause: To become a shareholder in Amber Trade Ltd; the eligibility is to hold atleast 10,000 Amber. 

Features of Amber:

Crypto Shares: The basic functionality of Amber Trade Ltd. Is to offer crypto shares, which is clearly a unique platform for the companies to utilise the benefits of technology arising out of the cryptography.

Key Data: 

Symbol: AMBER
Maximum Supply: 49,000,000 coins
Algorithm: X 11
Proof Type: Pow/PoS
Circulating Supply: 43,699,481 AMBER
Block-time: 60 seconds
Market Cap: $688,245 USD 
Encryption Algorithm: X11
Minimum age of Crypto-Shares: 6 hrs
Maximum Age of Crypto-Share:30 Days
Current PoS block reward: 0.5 AMBER going down to 0.1 after block 1 Million

 How to get the crypto-shares?
The Amber coin is needed to be bought with regard to your stake in a given company. All that is needed to be done is the payment of share in a company, by registering the wallet address and getting crypto-shares in return.

Best Exchanges for Amber

1. Bleutrade

2. C-Cex

3. Cryptopia

4. Yobit

Key Advantages of Amber:

1.Since Amber is performing in the crypto-share, fetching dividends each year is an attractive attribute in it. 

2. Amber acts as a legal proof of ownership in the stake of a company.

Key Resources:

Twitter handle for Amber: @AmberCoin

Reddit handle for Amber: 

Official Website: