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❝ Air swap is a decentralised cryptocurrency exchange built on ethereum platform ❞
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Airswap is a smart solution to trade for various crypto-coins absolutely free of cost and without the interference of any inter-mediatory. It is a peer to peer decentralised exchange that involves the mechanism of smart contracts. Airswap is based on ethereum platform

The AirSwap managed to generate the required funding by tapping the resource of ICO and disbursing its tokens (AGT) in return. AirSwap works on the Swap protocol and also provides the dealing in ERC 20 tokens, which is increasingly in demand.

Features of AirSwap:

1. Decentralised: AirSwap is performing as a decentralised exchange where the complete controls are given to the users in context of trading the various crypto-coins unlike the conventional exchanges.

2. Built on SWAP peer to peer protocol which ensures fairness and side steps some of the race conditions which plague other exchanges

3.  Secure : Decentralisation provides inbuilt security to the exchange.

History and Founders:
Don Mosites and Michhael Oved are among the founder members of Airswap. The tokens were left open for the sale on 10 October, 2017.

Key Data: 

 Protocol: Swap
Symbol: AST
Conversion rate: 1000 AST = 1 ETH
Hard cap: 150,000 ETH 
ICO : 30% of total token supply

Probable Limit: 500,000 million AST tokens

How to buy AirSwap?
The best way to procure AST tokens is to buy the Ethereum from the below exchanges and and convert it into AirSwap(AST) tokens. The Exchanges that allow the switch of these crypto coins are listed below:

Best Exchanges for AirSwap:

1. Binance

2. EtherDelta

3. Gatecoin

4. Huobi

5. Yobit


Key competitors of AirSwap:

OmiseGo is one such player who is competing in the same area of providing the access of decentralised exchange of crypto-currency to the millions of users and removes the hindrances of a middle authority. Etherdelta is another such example of a decentralised exchange.

Key Advantages of AirSwap:

1.The Exchanges may relentlessly hike the trading fee which is not applicable in case of AirSwap. 

2.The other probable threat is the loss of keys in the event of a site being hacked. The concept of decentralised exchange is immune to such threat ensuring the safety of keys by giving the total/legitimate access to the users.

3. Great founding team whose members are the recognised faces in the world of crypto-currencies namely Joe Lubin (Co-Founder Ethereum), Bill Tai (Lead Investor in Bit Fury) etc.

4.One of the great advantages of decentralised exchange is that no deposit/withdrawal limit is imposed on its users.

Key Challenges

1. Decentralized exchanges are becoming a crowded space 

Key Resources:

Twitter handle for AirSwap: @airswap

Reddit handle for AirSwap: r/AirSwap/

Official Website:

Official Facebook page: