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❝ AdEx is the next generation online ad-exchange platform based on blockchain technology on the top of Ethereum smart contract aiming to disrupt and replace the traditional ad-exchange. ❞
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AdEx is a decentralised ad exchange built on top of Ethereum smart contract aiming to disrupt and replace the existing online advertising landscape, in particular, to the entertainment industry. The ad exchange addresses some of the key problems in the traditional Ad industry including Ad fraud, privacy and consent to receiving sponsored messages. AdEx provides transparent, focused solutions to advertisers to collaborate with Ad publishers to reach out to the potential viewers that ensure a high return on Ad spends.

AdEx will also be the first decentralised app (DApp) to run on the NEO ecosystem.

How Does AdEx work

As per reports, the global share of total ad-spend on internet accounts close to 40 percent and an estimated sum of $220 billion is expected to spend on online advertising, thus outspending the television media.

The AdEx network consists of several layers, the first one being the ad exchange built on Ethereum smart contracts with a few additional layer on top of that.The Ad-exchange is developed in a way to facilitate the entire relationship between publishers, advertisers and end users without any intermediary, therefore, replacing the traditional network of multiple exchanges that comes with complexity, inaccuracy and inefficiency.

The AdEx network helps in solving out the major issue of centralization, thus removing intermediary like Google and Facebook, thus allowing advertisers and ad-publishers to freely collaborate helping to reduce costs on both sides.

Besides exchange, AdEx is building DApps for the publisher portal, advertiser portal and the AdEx profile (end users). DApps will be used to connect and interact with the Ethereum blockchain. The DApps will be browser-based and are easily accessible online.

The AdEx tokens (ADX) are used internally to buy and sell ad space and time, place bids and accept payments.

Key Features

Regulated by end-users: The main feature of the AdEx platform is the personalized user profile settings that allow every end users to control the type of ads delivered to them rather than delivering ads to a diverse range of users with different interest.

Focused on User Privacy: Traditional Ad-exchanges with centralized structure can easily map data of users which amounts to compromise of privacy. The blockchain technology-based AdEx ensures anonymous use of big data and the data are presented in a statistical format without compromising on privacy.

Increase in transparency: Existing centralized system does not provide much information on bids received for a particular ad property which means advertisers have to rely on the metrics provided by the centralised exchange. With AdEx, advertisers can verify each component of the campaign and as data is stored in the blockchain, it increases the transparency and efficiency.

Unified Real-time Reporting: Blockchain provides a universal data set to ad campaign managers which are real-time and can be used to analyze the performance of the campaign. Thus helping in quickly to spot the trends and adjust their campaign for maximum conversion.

AdEx Anti-fraud Mechanism: The existing advertisement ecosystem is flawed and enables fraud in the advertisement network by the parties involved. The main source of ad-fraud in the online structure are the use of bot computer programmes to increase traffic, exploiting backdoors in ad serving networks, etc. The AdEx blockchain blocks invalid traffic from the network with the combination of transparency, real-time reporting and audit accessibility of blockchain, advertisers can know the current status of their campaigns.

AdEx Coin Details

Total Supply: 100,000,000 ADX


  • 80% will be available to the public for sale
  • 10% will go to AdEx team
  • 6% will go to AdEx Advisors
  • 2% will go to WINGS DAO for discovery, valuation, social promotion
  • 2% will be set aside for bounty programme

The crowdsale happened in June 2017, in which AdEx raised a total of 40,008 ETH in just 8 hours.

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